9 Winter Must Haves

by Shalice Noel

Hello everyone!

If you get my newsletter, you may have already seen this, but it’s obvious I’m loving all things winter right now. From ordering faux garland to getting Levi a new stocking, to rocking to Mariah Caray’s All I want from Christmas, I guess you could say I’m in the Spirit.

Wow, how is October over already?! Per usual time is flying and I can’t believe it. Our little guy is growing so fast and we’re all so excited to celebrate our first holiday season with him.

And speaking of the holidays, winter is basically here and it’s time to share what I have to have to make it through the season. Here are my 9 winter staples:

1. What’s winter without a super cozy blanket?

2. Fall is all about a good turtleneck Sweater. And this one is under $60. 

3. I cannot recommend a silk pillowcase enough. It’s so good for your skin and hair.
4. A quality facial oil like this one from L’Occitane helps keep your skin extra moisturized.
5. These tan towelettes are miracle workers when it comes to helping you look tan sans the dangerous rays.
6. Even when it’s not winter, taking a hair and nail supplement can never hurt.
7. Depuff any inflammation from all that cozy winter and holiday food with this amazing ice roller that has changed the skin game for me.
8. $19 leggings are easy on the wallet and equally forgiving.
9. My skin is softer than your skin BODY SCRUB.

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