Nordstrom Men’s Sale!

by Shalice Noel

Workout SHORTS // Woven Shirt // 3  Dip Dyed Shirt (Hubby loves the RVCA brand!) 4 I LOVE a good Henley on a guy, well, my guy //5 Quay Sunglasses //6 MCM Card Case 7 Slim Fit Pants // 8 Asics Sneakers 9  Vans Classic Sneakers  10 Penny Loafer

I don’t know about you, but I usually shop for my husband. He gives me feedback on colors and such, but in general, since I’m the stylist, I I tell him what looks good on him. And he usually agrees! He occasionally disagrees like a couple things I got him for Christmas, but you win some you lose some. I’ve made note that he doesn’t like baggy clothes, argyle vests, he’s more edgy than preppy, and anything made of tan and yellow is a no-go. Now, that we have that cleared, here are his favorites! Do you know that I shop off these collages he makes? Last time he asked for a back pack (among many things), I ordered it from here and everyone was happy. Little surprise but good picks lend themselves to GREAT GIFTS. Which leads me to my last point, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a great time to get your mom a cashmere wrap and your hubby some new threads! What will you get him?

Happy Shopping 😉


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