What to get Him for Father’s Day

by Shalice Noel

my dress // sunglasses

  1. oxford shirt 2. leather oxfords 3. hooded sweatshirt 4. compression pants 5. fleece joggers 6. commuter backpack  


This weekend is all about Reid. I mean, if we’re serious, he’s really the VIP around here. My favorite site in the evening is seeing the kids run to the door and scream DADDY’S HOME!!!! Is there anything better than that? I even feel like joining them in a celebratory dance. I rejoice that his getting home means reinforcements are here to help with these crazy monkeys, an extra hand, and an adult conversation. Bliss. So, a little way to thank him are gifts like homemade cards and his favorite? Workout gear! This bag is only $65 for work and day trips and this cute $50 oxford  goes with everything. Hope this gives you some valuable ideas, what are you getting your dad or husband?

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