Father’s Day

Reid loves all the practical things for father’s day! He loves a good watch, a workout bike, sandals for the heat and sneakers he wears daily that can be dressed up or down. We are so grateful for all Reid does for our family. Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!

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1. Speakers // 2. Hat // 3. Henley similar // 4. Assault Bike // 5. Watch

6. Fendi sandals // 7. Swim Trunks // 8. Birkenstocks

9. Sandals // 10. Yoga Mat

  1. Workout Rings // 2. Fitness Jump rope 3. Pre-Workout 4. Sport Coat 5. V-Neck 6. Comb // 7. Charcoal Soap // 8. Styling Paste // 9. Laptop Bag // 10. Watch // 11. Denim // 12. Shoes //

Father’s Day is fast approaching and Reid is REALLY good at knowing exactly what he wants for Father’s day. He will probably check in later this week and ask if I ordered anything off this list above. He’s so predictable. I think most of us could agree, men are sometimes THE HARDEST to buy gifts for. Above we have an outfit, styling paste, laptop bag, and the pre-workout Reid swears by for you to peruse. What are you getting your husband or father?

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my dress // sunglasses

  1. oxford shirt 2. leather oxfords 3. hooded sweatshirt 4. compression pants 5. fleece joggers 6. commuter backpack  


This weekend is all about Reid. I mean, if we’re serious, he’s really the VIP around here. My favorite site in the evening is seeing the kids run to the door and scream DADDY’S HOME!!!! Is there anything better than that? I even feel like joining them in a celebratory dance. I rejoice that his getting home means reinforcements are here to help with these crazy monkeys, an extra hand, and an adult conversation. Bliss. So, a little way to thank him are gifts like homemade cards and his favorite? Workout gear! This bag is only $65 for work and day trips and this cute $50 oxford  goes with everything. Hope this gives you some valuable ideas, what are you getting your dad or husband?

dress // bralette // slides and similar // sunglasses // red bag // earrings

his polo shirt // denim shorts // trucker hat // sunglasses // flip-flops

How is it almost Father’s Day? I’m not sure how time is going so fast but it is. I love Father’s Day to celebrate all the hardworking dads and husbands out there. The kids usually make Reid homemade cards and we give him a couple gifts. In this case—a shirt that happens to have his initials on it and his favorite bar of dark chocolate!

I don’t know about you, but buying gifts for dads and men in general, is a challenge. For Reid, I chose a couple things I knew he needed because dads always appreciate some practicality, right? And to make things super easy for you guys, I rounded up some favorites from Nordstrom below. They always have an awesome selection. I can buy multiple sizes and colors and enjoy free at home returns (these are the best).

Gifts aside, Reid works incredibly hard for us each and every day and for that he at least deserves one day of gifts, cards and chocolate. It’s been an incredible journey watching him take on the role of “dad” and seeing him teach the kids how to swim, draw and swing a golf club. Most importantly though, he’s taught the kids to always play fair with each other and to always treat people how they’d like to be treated. Where would we be without such a wonderful man?  Happy Father’s Day, Reid, not sure what we would do without you!

Click on the images below, Reid’s picks for your husband or father:


For one day, we can honor our dads and husbands. It’s a great time to send a card, a gift and if you’re long distance to your father, pick up the phone and call. Either way, a gift means a lot. Reid does so many things for our family, from working downtown all week, to helping spread out breakfast before he leaves, to always taking time for me and the kids. We love him so! Don’t forgot to honor our dads and husbands. Below is a list of things my hubby would love, approved by me, and I’m sure yours will love as well. Order now to get it in time for Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18.

1) SURFER TEE Hubby really wants to learn how to surf, so this is perfect! Worn with jeans or shorts.









10) ONA CAMERA BAG A cool camera bag exists

11) FJÄLLRÄVEN DUFFEL BAG Who knew they had duffel bags?


1. LEGO Darth Vadar alarm clock AMAZON

2. New Balance sneakers (on sale!)  FARFETCH

3. NAIL CLIPPERS and BEARD TRIMMER to keep that beard trimmed because God forbid he cuts it off.


5. LA Tee

6. Diesel Flip Flops

7. Camouflage Holdall – so fetch

8. Plush Slippers (I may steal)

9. Adidas Sport Watch


Isn’t it crazy how ideas for your special guy are plentiful and awesome all year and then June hits and they disappear?  So, this list is for you. If you want to go beyond the weed-wacker and grill, give him something for his closet. I like to think of it as a wardrobe face lift. And I secretly want that Darth Vadar alarm clock too. Win -win.