Work Out Wednesday

by Shalice Noel

Work Out Wednesday

Get Musical

This week I thought I’d share a playlist to get you through your workout. It’s an hour of tunes to get you warmed up then pumped up, and even cooled down. I chose my music carefully because I need a great beat that makes me forget I’m sweating, but I also want to make sure it’s something my kids can overhear without having an awkward conversation. So this playlist is full of confidence boosters and upbeat melodies that might make you want to lace up those sneakers.

And since workout Wednesday isn’t complete without an actual workout, I’m introducing a move I like to call Madonna Arms. Because, I mean…come on. Have you seen her arms? This move requires music, but no equipment, so drop the dumbbells and pump the jams.

Madonna Arms

First, you’ll need a song – something that’s at least 3 minutes, but don’t get too ambitious because 3 minutes can feel like a lifetime if you do this right. My pick is number 13 on the playlist – Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too” – because it’s full of the attitude and inspiration you’ll need to keep up the workout.

While the song is playing you’ll stand with your arms stretched straight out from your sides, palms facing down. Pulse them up and down while the music plays.

Every 30 seconds you’ll switch the direction of your palms (without dropping your arms) they can face up, down, front and back.

Once you’ve done all those directions, try doing tiny circles forward, then backward for 30 seconds in every position. Whatever you do, don’t drop those arms until the last note is sung. Then you have full permission to rest those arms for the rest of the day.

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