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Reid and I have been looking at old pictures going down memory lane. We are shocked how fast our kids have grown! Where does time go? As I write, we have two teens in our house who happen to be obsessed with skincare. We’ve had some hilarious conversations about body odor, awkward situations and the best deodorants. It should be noted that my girls are super picky about their deodorant, both for its smell and appearance. This one in strawberry sparkle is their favorite hands down and available at target. Let me know what you think!

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I shared with all of you recently in this post that I’m a big believer in using natural deodorant. I’ve tried a variety of brands including Native. It’s one of my favorites and I always include it in my list of recommended brands whenever someone asks about natural deodorants.
Why do I love it so much? First and foremost, it’s safe! My oldest daughter just started using deodorant and one of the first things I told her was the importance of choosing an option with clean ingredients. This means using a brand like Native that is free of aluminum, parabens, sulfates, talc, etc.. Second, it works! Native has so many amazing scents like coconut + vanilla and lavender + rose and other limited edition seasonal scents.
Native is so amazing they’ve actually been mentioned on POPSUGAR, The Today Show, Women’s Health and more! Sounds like a winner to me, but I was convinced immediately after starting to use it years ago. If you’ve been wanting to try a natural deodorant, you can give Native a go risk-free because of their free return and exchange policy within the US. I have a feeling you’re going to love it though, and once you do, you can subscribe to save 17% every time its delivered to your door! I’ll definitely admit that Native is priced at a premium, but the benefits of using a clean product are 100% worth it to me and my family! The first two I bought, tried and loved were lavender & rose and cucumber & mint.
Which one will you try first?
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