Family Weekend

My dress (small) // The kids pjs are gifts from Janie and Jack // Toddlers // Pine tree forest pjs

Atalie’s skirt // Atalie’s top

We’re working on a BIG (hard) project I can’t wait to share more later. The kids have been awesome in the midst of this transition. I’m loving these new comfy pjs from Janie and Jack. All that’s missing is a Christmas tree.

Hope your week is going well!



My dress is under $95! // Levi’s shirt // Bow tie shirt // Cotton Chino’s //

Aquatica – Seaworld             

When I was a kid, the water park I had access to was about seven multi colored waterslides.  Each color was a different level of rush!  I thought that was so cool.  Now that we experienced Aquatica, I’m like….wow, my kids are lucky.  We were getting a little board of the pool and the beach is great, but so much work.  You know what I mean.  All the stuff we have to lug along, dragging the stroller through the sand, taking a boat load of sand home and finding it all over the bed sheets the next morning.  A day at the beach takes a week to recover.

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to take the family to Aquatica in San Diego.  We made sure to get there right when they opened.  The gates open at 9:30am and the rides open at 10:00am, giving you some time to designate your lounge chair territory.  The park had plenty to do for all ages.  They have a splash area designated for toddlers and a massive water playground perfect for my age kids.  Lots of lifeguards keeping watch as well which gave me some comfort.  Then there’s the big daddy slides, like the giant water slides and my kid’s favorite the Tassie’s Twister.  Voted by my kids as their favorite. 

Here are 5 tips for planning your day at Aquatica:

1)    Pack Sunscreen, Beach Towels and Water Shoes (Great for walking between rides)

2)    Arrive at the park at 9:30am

3)    Designate a meeting place with your family in case you get separated.

4)    The Quick Que was an added bonus to our day.  Great way to cut down on line time.  You can practice patience another day.

5)    Put your kids in brightly colored swim suits so it’s easier to find them.

Thank you Sea World Aquatica for sponsoring this post

:: my romper :: flats :: gold flatware :: white tablecloth  :: Photo’s by Tasha

We met up with our friends for a fun Cinco de Mayo party, think lots of Fanta, fresh guac, Corona and freshly squeezed lime. Did I mention fresh guac? We had pollo asado and carne asada, salsa, and were too full of fresh guacamole to entertain the thought of having dessert. I included the guacamole recipe below. All in all, it was a beautiful warm night of our littles serenading us on the mini guitars, piled high tacos, sugar highs, and sugar lows. Ultimately, we were so excited to have found a community of friends that makes California feel like we never left home.

Guacamole recipe:
2 Avocados mashed
Squeeze a whole lemon
Salt to taste

Photographer Justin Coit reached out to me with an idea.  He explained he was doing a photographic collection featuring families.  Our family caught his eye.  Of course we took him up on his idea.  The intent of the collection was to capture our family as we are.  That made me a bit nervous.  (Our Christmas card is never a perfectly posed picture, if you know what I mean) Behind the scenes is typically more crazy than what I see as beautiful and the lollipops eventually run out!

Photo day came on a warm Saturday in January.  We told the kids we were going to the beach and someone was going to pictures of us playing.  We all love the surf and sand, but were hoping to keep the kids out of the water.  (You know, so we’d look more perfect)  They had their complaints, but once we got there and we took our first photo together, with lollipops, they were sold.  The kids quickly took to Justin – after all he brought them juice boxes and a kite – the boys kept grabbing stuff and the girls kept saying photos were never more fun. We ended up getting soaked and full of sand, but have no regrets.  This is my family.  From the beach to the pier, the entire project was natural and fun.  It was a beautiful day of beautiful moments spent with those I love most.  Thank you, Justin, for capturing these moments so beautifully.

5 Family Beach Day Musthaves
lollipops – I like the fruit colored ones, 2. veggie chips, 3. blanket – ours is from Hand & Cloth, 4. mini waters, 5. Spray SPF I like this one.

photography: Justin Coit insta: @justincoit / This is family project /  location: Santa Monica, CA


Our family weekend was full of energy, and started with brunch at Dinette. So much yum and lots of people watching! The kids enjoyed the croissants while we went for the avocado toast, which was no sacrifice let me tell you. You almost can’t believe it’s good for you. We love avocado toast so much that I compiled my top faves in LA below. Am I missing one? Let me know! And, if you’re curious, see our top coffee shops in LA here.

Top 4 places to get avocado toast:

Ledlow (So many good layers and a little kick. Not to mention the whole place is insta-worthy)

Winsome (I loved the creaminess. So good and super kid-friendly. It always makes my list.)

Gracias Madre (Oh my goodness. You will be asking for a double order. Don’t forget the guac. This place is also insta-worthy)

Dinette 1608 Sunset Blvd. Great people watching, kid and dog-friendly, and great avocado toast. Go early.