This is Family – Santa Monica

by Shalice Noel

Photographer Justin Coit reached out to me with an idea.  He explained he was doing a photographic collection featuring families.  Our family caught his eye.  Of course we took him up on his idea.  The intent of the collection was to capture our family as we are.  That made me a bit nervous.  (Our Christmas card is never a perfectly posed picture, if you know what I mean) Behind the scenes is typically more crazy than what I see as beautiful and the lollipops eventually run out!

Photo day came on a warm Saturday in January.  We told the kids we were going to the beach and someone was going to pictures of us playing.  We all love the surf and sand, but were hoping to keep the kids out of the water.  (You know, so we’d look more perfect)  They had their complaints, but once we got there and we took our first photo together, with lollipops, they were sold.  The kids quickly took to Justin – after all he brought them juice boxes and a kite – the boys kept grabbing stuff and the girls kept saying photos were never more fun. We ended up getting soaked and full of sand, but have no regrets.  This is my family.  From the beach to the pier, the entire project was natural and fun.  It was a beautiful day of beautiful moments spent with those I love most.  Thank you, Justin, for capturing these moments so beautifully.

5 Family Beach Day Musthaves
lollipops – I like the fruit colored ones, 2. veggie chips, 3. blanket – ours is from Hand & Cloth, 4. mini waters, 5. Spray SPF I like this one.

photography: Justin Coit insta: @justincoit / This is family project /  location: Santa Monica, CA

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Leyla February 24, 2017 - 3:13 pm

I absolutely love these images! So candid and so real. That gold hour light is absolutely gorgeous. So glad you guys did these. Frame them all!


shalice noel February 24, 2017 - 3:33 pm

Thank you so much Leyla! Glad you enjoyed. That was my favorite part of the experience as well. So fun and real! xx


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