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Align Leggings wearing a size 6 // Radiant Jacket II wearing a size 6 // 19L bag // waist run belt bag // Tank in violet verbena

It’s so important to have quality pieces to workout in. You can sweat, run, and still look cute in these lululemon pieces. I get a lot of questions about this bag. Its the perfect gym slash mom bag. pair it with the running belt, flattering leggings and this tank on repeat.

We’ve been spending lots of mornings at the home garage gym. Here’s what I’ve been doing in addition to crunches:

Try doing the following four times: a wall sit, a wall sit with reach, a hollow body hold, and a Superman position for 30 seconds each, followed by 30 seconds of rest after all of them.

Try doing 15 air squats, 20 lateral bounds, and a bear crawl five times to one side, then five times to the other, repeating the series for seven minutes.

I feel happier and more fit with little spurts of working out. Now, its your turn, how do you stay active?

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I’m not sure what I love more – leggings I can style an oversized sweater with or leggings that double as loungewear and workout gear. Why not have it all? That’s how I feel whenever I walk into lululemon. I could probably pick one of everything, but I decided to share my top five favorites I found on a recent visit to my local lululemon store along with some real talk on working out. Because honestly, finding time to get to the gym is hard. But the idea of some fresh new lululemon items in my closet to help kick off my 2019 fitness goals sounds amazing. Because who doesn’t love new workout gear to inspire a good sweat session?

First, you may have noticed I said “goals”, not resolutions. And that’s because I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe in New Year’s goals. I am a proponent of establishing yearly goals in all areas of our lives. This year, my top challenge to myself is to work out regularly from my home gym and have a close friend keep me accountable – maybe even babysit while I’m in the zone.

For me, it’s incredibly therapeutic getting my workout done. This past year, though, it was a real challenge to make it to our gym. Can you relate? Life gets so busy and before you know it, the gym isn’t even a priority anymore. If you’re looking for a little encouragement in this department, here are two tips I like to remember when digging for motivation.

1. New Gear
Spend some money on a sports bra that fits. This is so important, ladies! One of my favorite things about lululemon is they’ll fit you while you’re at the store. Also, buy items you love and feel good in. Let’s be honest, cute, high-quality workout gear often gets me motivated!

2. Get an Accountability Partner
Whether this person is your hubby or a close girlfriend, just get one. I find it incredibly helpful. Thankfully my husband loves working out, so we plan on putting together a lot of workout content for couples to do together. Stay tuned for that… and keep me accountable!!!!

My 5 Favorites from lululemon

Leggings- speed up tight 2. Fringe fighter headband 3. Pushing limits bra 4. Time to restore short sleeve 5. Power Y tank

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More women’s training gear HERE

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no gym rat, and machines generally intimidate me. So you can imagine my excitement level at meeting with a trainer at Equinox. (It hovered around nil.) But I’m proud to say that I survived the first meeting unscathed and motivated! I met with Nick and discussed diet, health history and my usual workout … or lack thereof. We also discussed my fitness goals and what I wanted to accomplish. So, without further ado, here are my tips for Getting Started, aka Actually Getting to the Gym For Real. 

  1. Set up a time with a trainer. Actual appointments are harder to forget about, and trainers will even give you a roadmap to your fitness goals. (Read more here)
  2. Be realistic. Think small and baby steps. (This is especially hard for me as I want immediate results.)
  3. Be consistent. Nick said that changes only come with dedication, as in at least 3 x a week of gym time.
  4. Be patient! Worthwhile results and good habits take time. (Yeah, so good luck with this one.)

And yes, I ‘m still sore from the Day 1 with Nick! Stay tuned for the results. I’ll keep you posted on challenges and lessons learned. Can’t wait!

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