Where we stayed for our anniversary

by Shalice Noel

So, get this—our anniversary getaway? We went all out and booked a drumroll 1-star hotel. Crazy, right?

Reid and I are total design junkies, always on the lookout for inspiration. And let me tell you, we hit the jackpot this time. Now, let’s break it down—pros and cons and all.

You know how it goes—a weekend away unveils your must-haves. For me, it’s my trusty trench coat and those life-saving digestive enzymes. But, darn it, I left both back home this time around. Murphy’s law, I guess! I’ll delve into the Pro’s and Con’s below:


Restaurant downstairs was amazing 

Opened in January so not many know about it

Coffee in the AM and cocktail at night were complimentary 


No full length mirror 

Room was small

The room lacked lighting at seated areas 

Despite the 1-star rating and the somewhat snug room, we had an unexpectedly fantastic time. They converted an old firehouse in the Art’s District of DTLA into a hip Japanese inspired 6 room hotel. Funny enough, we shot a flower campaign in front of it when it was an old abandoned firehouse! See the pics HERE, the kids were SO YOUNG! Love how many memories we have around LA.

Reid and I would easily rate it a solid 4 out of 5. The restaurant downstairs was an absolute gem. Reid’s choice, the prime rib, was like butter with a crispy garlic topping—pure heaven! As for me, I couldn’t get enough of the miso-glazed Brussels sprouts; they were so divine that when Harmony, our server, swung by to check on us, I was practically speechless, lost in Brussels sprout bliss.

Here’s the link to where we stayed and ate.

Hope you enjoyed the review. Comment with any questions. Chat soon, Shalice

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