Sephora Beauty Faves

by Shalice Noel

These are products I use and LOVE!

Before tanning, always exfoliate with a body brush. The Tan Luxe tan drops I add to my favorite moisturizer, and cover evenly.

Tan Towels are kind of an all in one. I always exfoliate before applying, I never put it on my face (since my face is sensitive), and always wash my hands after applying it.

The Vitamin C Serum quenches your skin in so many ways. I credit an even skin tone and glow to this product.

The Airbrush finish when applied to the T-zone, gives a mattifying look. I love the “finished” look this gives.

Summer Fridays face mask when applied to a clean face, leaves skin dewy and moisturized in just 10 min. No need to rinse. Also, it comes in a mini size if you don’t want to pay $50, and curious to see what the buzz is all about.

1. Tan luxe drops // 2. Vitamin C Serum // 3. Tan towels 4. Airbrush finish 5. Eyeshadow pallette // 6. Isle Paradise drops // 7. Face Mask

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