POV: my experience with poison ivy

by Shalice Noel

Some of you know that last week, we unknowingly burned poison ivy in our fire pit. We inhaled the smoke and within 24 hours my face swelled to double its size. I could barely see through my right eye. My three children also showed signs of a severe allergy but thankfully not as bad as my reaction. It was scary. I’m sharing this to caution you to first inspect the wood that you use before you use it. My kids usually love to throw sticks and vines into the fire. Unfortunately, one of those vines was poison ivy! I’m sad because our fire pit times was one of family bonding and laughter.

I didn’t want to take the steroid shot due to awful side effects, so I treated it naturally. I know some do not have that choice especially if your throat swells too (pharyngitis). I treated it with homeopathic, and drank lots of liquids. Topically, I used Zanfel, Tecnu, baking soda and fresh aloe from our little plant. If you have it currently, I encourage you to seek your health practitioners advice. It’s not something to mess around with.

As I write, I’m on day 7, and thankfully feeling and looking more like myself. My face is peeling and very dry, but I’m thankful that me and my kids are on the road to recovery and way better than we were a couple days ago. Progress! However, we are itching like crazy still on our stomachs, arms and legs. I read that you have a severe case if your skin feels like leather, and ours does.

Have you or someone that you knew experienced an allergic reaction to poison ivy? I’m feeling brave so I’m sharing my before and after picture below. I’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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