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Public Access: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

July 21, 2017

shorts (sold out) SIMILAR :: sweatshirt SIMILAR :: muscle tankĀ :: chuck taylors similar :: tweed baseball cap :: cardigan SIMILAR ::

Today is the first day of public access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. What that means is you don’t have to be a card holder to shop the sale, yay! Don’t worry, there are still really good items up for grabs but I wouldn’t delay if you have your eye on something to get your desired size. You can still get points if you’re a rewards member. I just include my phone number to still gain points without using my Nordstrom Credit Card. For instance, hubby just asked me to add this to my cart (because I can’t resist him in a henley), glow-in-the-dark pajamas for the kids, and I fell for these, one can’t have enough pj’s right? Shop my faves and raves below — still in stock at least for now! See another on sale look HERE.

XO Shalice

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