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Happy Friday friends!

I don’t know about you, but I could use some good news. While you’re watching the news, take a break and check out this sale only good for the weekend! If you haven’t heard, Abercrombie is having a massive sale on their parkas today through Sunday.

Friday 11/6 through Sunday 11/8 is Abercrombie’s Annual Puffers & Parkas Sale! Through the weekend, most of our Puffers and Parkas will be 40% off. These will sell out, so this is the best time to stock up on all of your winter outerwear needs. Below are some of mine and Reid’s favorites!

Wool Topcoat // Sherpa Lined Parka // Vegan Leather Puffer // Men’s Ultra Bomber

Jeans // Sweater // Nordic Boots

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Shoot me an email if you have any questions regarding size, etc!

These super soft fleeces from Abericrombie are on sale, under $50! I love how they are easy to wash, SUPER soft and affordable. To all my Midwest friends, this is a great alternative to a coat. My dad said it is 38 degrees in Chicago. This fleece is perfect for that weather.

Happy Friday!

my jeans :: my gingham top :: cashmere cardigan :: her top :: shorts   :: his top similar  and shorts similar

I partnered with Abercrombie & Fitch sharing some of our summer favorites. On this particular morning, the beach was unusually cold, so layers were appreciated. My 7 year-old kept stealing my cashmere cardigan as we approached the aquarium at the end of the pier. It was worth the chilly walk up! The kids loved seeing small sharks, starfish to pet and slippery eels. In a strange way, the walk to the pier and fresh ocean air always seems to give us an appetite for ice cream at Manhattan Beach Creamery. I don’t fret too much when the kids spill all over their shirts. Everything from A & F has been washable and durable, two aspects I love about A & F kids clothes not to mention, they are right on trend. How cute the the shoulder ruffle on her top? I want one in my size so we can be twins. Meanwhile, I’m staying cozy with this cashmere cardi and lightwash jeans that surprisingly go with everything. Which are your favorites?

More Faves from A & F:

Thank you Abercrombie & Fitch for sponsoring this post!

While it may seem like Abercrombie + Fitch is catering more to the younger set (think tweens and teens), a recent shopping trip there was an eye-opener. Abercrombie + Fitch has stepped it up and I’m loving all the colors, enviable basics, and great classic styles that made it so popular in the first place. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice I’ve been wearing this trench coat on repeat. Thankfully, this taupe beauty happened to arrive at my doorstep during the heart of LA’s crazy cool and wet February weather. Also, these jeans and gingham top, like most Abercrombie + Fitch items are under $100.
Oh, and did I mention the kids’ section? The selection is melt-your-heart good.  The darling shorts are still darling after lots of active wear–and still in one piece, without holes. They’re cute AND shenanigan-proof. Can you ask for more? And I was more than happy that he actually liked his hat well enough to keep it on. His dad is even jealous of that hat.  It’s the little things in life that make you smile, right? Thank you Abercrombie + Fitch for sponsoring this post and reintroducing me to the brand and new styles. Go find some new favorites!

Photos by Tasha

His HAT  // His WHITE SHIRT // His SHORTS //