I’ve been shopping eBay for about a decade, so it’s no surprise I was on there recently looking for a Burberry wrap. My friend came into town with a Burberry wrap that was a cashmere and silk blend. She brought it to our dinners and it seemed to comfortably compliment every outfit. Fact: you always look chic when you’re comfortable. I joked to her I was going to steal it from her before she left, but I was only half kidding.  Instead of stealing it, I went on eBay to find one myself. Hers was a couple years old so I knew eBay was a number one destination for vintage or past season pieces. Well, I’m happy to report, I found one! It’s warm cashmere for chilly nights, cold airplanes, and really chic.

Here, I’m wearing a Burberry wrap I’ve probably searched for on and off for years! Finally, I found one at my price point, I was able to communicate with the seller about color, condition, etc, and voilà! I love the ability to filter my search on eBay from color, price, and even filter sellers! Did you know,  85% of all clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and beauty products on eBay are brand-new?

I can quickly navigate what I want in terms of size and color and if I want the seller to accept offers, etc, and fast. The latter is helpful in my busy household when I have 5 kids asking me to cut apples, help with homework, and ask for the tenth time if they can have more chocolate pretzels! Can you say sugar high? I’m happy to report, my wrap arrived within a matter of days and it will be seen in future #Airportstyle posts. 

Thank you eBay for sponsoring this post!

Burberry Wrap similar  // Denim Skirt // OTK Boots // Sunglasses similar by Bonnie and Clyde // Gucci Belt // Earrings 

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What’s on your eBay search? I’d love to hear.

More Scarves and Wraps on Anniversary Sale

Reid texted me from work to tell me he found the perfect concrete wall to shoot. I happened to pick up this CASHMERE WRAP at Nordstrom that day. Perfect I thought. We will ditch the legos all over the floor of the house (can you tell I’m annoyed?) and head over to the wall after dinner for that golden hour. Girls, find a guy who looks for walls for you on his way home, supports your dreams, and isn’t afraid to change diapers, etc, I digress.
About this wrap, I think every year I treat myself to a cashmere wrap at the Anniversary Sale. I’m sort of a wrap junkie. I love them belted crossed held and really I blame living in Paris for 3 months after college. The Parisians really know how to dress and how to wrestle a scarf into the chicest of knots. It’s an art. Here, I just belted it and called it a day. It’s incredibly soft, love the everyday classic two-tone gray, and size!

Just don’t forget it on the airplane!

xo Shalice

cashmere wrap (now $125 or $189 after the sale!) // top HM  and SIMILAR // skirt Storq SIMILAR  or this dress also works // Gucci belt /// sunnies // booties (fit TTS!) // turquoise ring similar

I have a confession: I’m willing to splurge on cashmere. I love it. I feel like once you wear it, there’s no going back. You can just feel the luxury and you know that given the opportunity to buy it again, you will because it’s that good. My favorite way to wear it is as a shawl or wrap because you can get so much more use out of it and style it several different ways.

Have you heard of Kinross Cashmere? I’m already a huge fan of kimono’s and wraps, so when I found out they were super soft cashmere, it was a win-win. I really love the ruffle detail on this white cashmere wrap. My daughter has already threatened to steal it! That’s always a good indication I’m on to something good. My mom always wore wraps growing up, so I feel like I’m sharing my mother’s classic taste in fashion when donning a cashmere wrap of my own. How would you wear yours? It also looks great around your neck with jeans, a tee and boots, but the possibilities are endless!

Hope you have a lovely weekend! I’m in Dallas currently with Rewardstyle, but I can’t wait to get home to hubby and my babies tomorrow!


Happy Monday! We just got back from a whirlwind weekend in Carlsbad enjoying all the kid-friendly things to do there. I’d be very tempted to move there if it wasn’t so far from work in West Hollywood. As an on-the-go mom, I rely heavily on casual pieces that can go with everything. Unless it’s date night or an event for work, you can find me in everyday pieces that I can throw on and off as I head to a meeting, a school event, whatever. My hair and makeup is usually pretty minimal too, if I’ve done anything at all.


But just because I live in basics doesn’t mean I like to look or feel blah. I’m actually pretty picky about the casual basics that I buy, and always look for a detail that makes the piece stand out or look special. Or by adding a fun lipstick, usually in the form of a red.


Unique details, bright lips, or a pair of bold earrings are easy ways to take jeans and a cashmere hoodie to the next level – see these photos for proof. This cashmere sweater keeps this outfit chill, but how fun is the red stitching detail? Red always stands out to me, so it’s a detail that I look for when shopping for elevated basics.


A mixed pop of red on my ears and lips and the outfit instantly looks more put together than jeans, a bare face and a hoodie, right? All it takes is keeping an eye out for elevated basics and a bold swipe on your lips. Something even us moms have time for (usually!). Happy Monday!

earrings :: jeans :: boots :: sweater from LOVE PEACE AND THEN HAPPINESS

I recently came across this cashmere open back sweater with beautiful tie detail. Immediately my mind wandered to styling it with high waisted jeans, cropped high waters, and pencil skirts. I liked it mostly because the look felt elevated and party ready. While I’ll admit this trend is challenging my (non-existent) back workout, I’m committed. Not many trends can get me to do an extra set of pull ups, push ups and squats, but I’m back at it. The question whether which undergarments are best worn with these tops is answered below with a couple options. As far as styling them, the options are almost endless from high waisted pants (to disguise the bodysuits most have) and pencil skirts. How would you wear yours?

What bra to wear this strapless underwirethis and this bra strap

sweater :: pants (true to size) :: heels :: backpack :: sunnies  :: bracelet :: earrings


shalice-30shalice-74shalice-69img_3563 shalice-19After 25 year of experience, San Francisco based designer Margaret O’Leary may make the softest, most cutting-edge sweaters around. One of my favorite outfits has to be a sweater (that’s not itchy but incredibly soft) worn with cutoffs. Seriously, right up there with picking apples, drinking hot apple cider, and breathing in the crisp fall air are CHUNKY KNIT SWEATERS, especially if they are made with cashmere. I think everybody can agree that everybody needs a little cashmere in their lives. In fact, these sweaters are the perfect hint to drop for birthdays or Christmas … or skip the hints and call it shopping therapy. 

loopy vest MARGARET O’LEARY :: cutoffs RESDENIM ::

sideways knit pullover MARGARET O’LEARY ::

Thank you Margaret O’Leary for partnering on this post!