Nike’s on Repeat

by Shalice Noel

So many of you asked about this outfit after I posted it on social this week. I love mixing high and low, casual and sophisticated. As for outfit details, my Nike’s are $90, worn with a trench, cropped jeans and a baseball cap.


my coat :: sweater :: jeans :: nike roshe id

One of our bucket list items has always been Yosemite. Big trees, bigger mountains and stunning stone ridges, did I mention waterfalls? I only read about and saw distant pictures of it but to see it in person, is like in the middle of the Grand Canyon so vast, untouched, and wild. While it was a chilly 38 degrees, and we attempted a couple hikes by the falls, all we could think about was the hot chocolate in our little chalet. And little it was but there is something alluring about cozy cottages around the holidays. So good. I think the kids spent most of the day up in the little chalet loft while the hubs and I cooked (well, defrosted, Portuguese stew called “Feijoda).” The latter takes me right into my first tip. If you’re renting a cabin, bring obviously lots of snacks, waters, organic cinnamon rolls (from a tube) and FROZEN dinners. Who wants to cook on vacation? For lunches, we enjoyed the tasty spread at Tanaya Lodge and Big Fir Lodge for their cozy ambience and yummy burgers. For fun, if Badger Pass is open, don’t forget to bring car chains, ski’s and warm thermal underwear. In the end, I’m so grateful we did this short 4-day getaway, just what we needed. Don’t underestimate a rest from the hustle of the holidays, school events, LA traffic for some family bonding in the woods. From the oldest to youngest, we all felt the bond.

What’s on your vacation bucket list?



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Who doesn’t love the fact that leggings and running shoes are hotter than hot right now? It’s now totally chic to arrive on Rodeo Drive in gym attire (minus the sweat), which makes sense when you see all the high-fashion workout wear that is everywhere. Even Beyonce has gotten on this train. Seriously people, this is fashion + comfort in its truest form. Here, I put my own spin on it with faux leather leggings, a cozy knit, and my custom Nike iD’s. Have you checked out their site? It’s the coolest thing to be able to custom design your own Nike’s. You can even write a message in the back. The colors, patterns, and message options are endless, so get to it! You’ll get them just in time to run off all that pie. 

How to get started?

  1. Start with a Color, An icon , and Nike will provide the prompts
  2. They make it
  3. It arrives in 3-5 weeks, they’ll update you via email.
  4. Click HERE to start your new design

Tip: If original Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones isn’t your forte, get them a gift card to customize their own Nike’s. Brilliant right? Visit me on Pinterest to see my top faves.


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shalice-237 shalice-241 shalice-244 shalice-245 shalice-29 shalice-31 shalice-37

shalice-17 shalice-10


There’s nothing I like more than an all-white workout outfit. And nothing motivates me more to workout than a new outfit. Thank you Nordstrom for the awesome selection of activewear! This all-white workout outfit is super comfy and perfect for tennis with the kids (who have just started lessons), and a quick run. I love that Nordstrom makes returns so easy – so I’m able to order multiple sizes to try and return what doesn’t fit without leaving my house. What inspires you to workout? My piano teacher growing up once told me a nugget of truth I’ll never forget: “to begin, is to be half done.” While it’s not completely true, it sure motivates me to start. And sometimes that little push is all I need to hit the pavement.

Also, see my shop page for more workout selections.

Thank you Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

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Nothing beats a refreshing run on the bridge at golden hour. Although, if I’m honest, I’ll admit I get tired and easily bored with daily workouts. So tunes, new gear (hello cute Nike tank!) and changing up my routine are essential. So many of you have asked for my diet and exercise routine. While I will not go into much detail, the five minute explanation is this. I usually run 3 times a week and strength training 1-2 times a week. If I’m fighting the usual 5 lbs, I drink green and dandelion tea, lots of H20, snack on protein snacks like almonds (not empty carbs like chips) and eat balanced meals like rice and chicken (or fish) with veggies. I go easy on the carbs but always make exceptions for the dark chocolate. Everything in moderation, as Granny used to say. It’s tough to say no to a run with THIS kind of view AND new workout gear from Nordstrom. Style note: I included the sizes I ordered. Keep in mind, you can order multiple sizes and easily return the ones that don’t work out. Nordstrom is known for its amazing customer service.

shalice-235 shalice-146 shalice-154 shalice-157 shalice-162

Now, it’s your turn, how do YOU stay motivated to workout?

tank NIKE (xs) ::jacket SIMILAR :: NIKEiD ROSHE (tts) :: leggings FREE PEOPLE (small) :: bra FREE PEOPLE (tts) :: bluetooth earphones Altec Lansing :: watch SWATCH see SIMILAR  :: bandana NORDSTROM

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Did you know you can customize your running shoes from Nike? And is that exciting or terrifying? Well to be honest, I was terribly hesitant at first. With all the available colors and options, what if I made an ugly shoe? That’s a real fear, people! I really had to play around with a couple different styles before I settled on the NIKE ROSHE. But as you can imagine, I really got into it! A tip for those who are willing to try it–and I highly recommend trying it–do take multiple pictures of what you designed. I snapped different pictures of different colored soles and laces and then viewed inspiration in magazines and online stores. If you go with what you like and keep it simple, you’ll end up wearing them not only with your yoga pants but with your leather leggings! Practically speaking, I went with more neutral colors and stayed away from the neons. But that was my Tuesday choice. Who knows what would have happened on Wednesday? As for the two words you get to put behind the shoes, aka ‘the boss’ message, have fun! It was priceless seeing my husband’s eye-roll when he first saw my message. Who knew running shoes were so much fun? 

I’m wearing: NIKEiD ROSHE Love THESE too:: leatherette legging jean ag jeans:: top alo yoga:: BKR bottle :: 

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Start customizing your NIKEiD’s  HERE