1. satin lined lovie 2. organic moses basket 3. organic sleeping pad and crib sheet 4. classic crib 5. car seat 6. onesies 7. organic cotton pajamas 8. llamà 9. little jumper (Levi loves this!)

There’s nothing more daunting than registering for a baby registry. It can be beyond overwhelming walking into a baby store with 10-20 options for everything from blankies to binkies. I’m stressed just thinking about it. Enter Walmart.com with their awesome baby registry and Next Day Shipping options on most item marked. (5 orders in, I’m a believer!) Have you checked it out? I included some of my favorites below that I’ve used and loved for Levi. Walmart makes it easy. Because when you’re planning for a baby, you need all the help you can get.

Happy weekend!

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Shorts (sz 4) // Similar top // Earrings

Whether I’m shopping for the house, Levi or myself, Walmart has me covered. I ordered pj’s, onesies, and shorts for myself, chose next day delivery and BOOM, it arrived the next day. I sometimes wonder, how that is possible? I’m definitely getting spoiled. Just tonight, my dad, who is visiting, asked me if I had anything besides Pregnancy tea, NOPE. So he drank the pregnancy tea with his nightly lemon tea ritual. I had a LONG good laugh. Now, with 5, my life has never been busier, and Levi now 8 months has never been clingier. Anyone know of a good chiropractor? I’m loving the convenience of next day shipping. I even ordered baking powder online. Who am I becoming? This just means A. I am planning on baking something AHHHMAZING B. It means I still have pregnancy brain and I don’t trust myself to walk into Ralphs with baking powder on my list and still walk out with it. Alas, I’m sure one day when the kids are grown up, I’ll have a moment to myself. But in the mean time, I’ll enjoy all the conveniences of online grocery slash life purchases I can afford. And at walmart.com, thats a lot.

Happy Wednesday!

See what I purchased below and why! What’s in your cart?

I partnered with Walmart to share some baby registry favorites! Fifth time around, I’m anything but ready and prepared. That may seem odd but it is true. While I have forgotten a lot of the essentials, I have found some great baby registry essentials at Walmart!

So, what are some of my essentials? Silk lovie, Burp Clothes, organic crib sheet, organic clothes, cell phone toy (because he always reaches for mine!), toy keys (you can freeze), and terry cloth bath robe are just some of my favorites I’ve found at Walmart.

Thousands of items online are “Next Day eligible,” and that is awesome because I’m a busy mom who needs things FAST.

In the end, Levi has the important things covered: loving parents and adoring siblings, for everything else, we have Walmart 2-day and Next Day shipping on most items to keep us prepared and well stocked. Because it doesn’t look like I’ll have my act together anytime soon. In the meantime, get all your baby registry essentials at Walmart, from diapers to rockers, to cribs!

Start your baby registry today HERE on Walmart.com.

Whether you’re creating a baby registry, or not sure what to get a friend who just had a baby, below are some of my top picks! How cute is this modern rocker?

  1. kid’s rocker 2. onesie 3. baby joggers 4. baby teether keys 5. elephant robe 6. BPA free bottles 7. crib 8. rocking swan

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Stripe long sleeve top // Ankle strap sandal // Trench Coat // Wide Leg Pants (only $14!) // Chloe Faye larger or Chloe Backpack // Similar Chloe Sunglasses // Sandals

It’s that time of year when I’m scoping out everything spring. I was pleasantly surprised recently to find so many good things at Walmart.com! Have you checked out their selection? There are tons of fun pieces that are super affordable, which makes it really easy to try out new trends this season. I picked up quite a few pieces and wanted to share them to give you a little peek at what’s happening over on Walmart’s website.

More wide leg pant options:

My pants, stripe tee, trench coat, and sandals are all from Walmart! Loving the pants a lot because they’re a wide leg, which I wear all the time and love. The stripe tee is a good staple that I know I’m going to get so much wear out of. As for the trench, who doesn’t love a good trench coat? They’re classic and perfect for layering up during the spring. I currently have a few of them hanging in my closet, but if you need something affordable and basic, this option from Walmart.com is definitely the one to start out with.
What are you guys shopping for this spring? Are you looking for basics or trends? Whatever it is, if you want to keep it at an affordable price point, I highly recommend checking out Walmart’s online selection – there’s a lot of really good things happening!

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