20 Weeks

by Shalice Noel

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20 Weeks

Halfway there this week and a lot of you have asked how I’m feeling. While I’m so grateful to have the hemorrhaging behind us,¬† I’m feeling lots of fatigue, leg pain, and let’s face it I can barely face an afternoon without dreaming of a nap. What is super cool, is feeling baby boy move, and hearing the kids baby boy name suggestions from John to Isaac to even suggesting their own names. Original eh?

Hello second trimester! I’m happy to announce the baby weighs 10.5 ounces and roughly the size of a banana! While he FEELS a lot heavier than carrying around a banana, there is consolation in knowing we’re halfway to meeting our little guy face to face!

I’m currently craving . . . .salads! I cannot get enough and anything covered in salt. Real healthy. However, I make my homemade dressing recipe daily and if you have a new favorite, email me!

As for preparation, we have cleared a potential room for the baby – and no new baby gear to report other than two Pack ‘n Plays and 2 diapers bags. I’m finally getting comments often like – “Wow you really popped!” and “Do you know what you’re having?” But its really our kids who make it most fun by rubbing my belly daily, saying prayers for baby boy, and asking me every day if he moved and how’s he doing. I’m loving experiencing this with them, through their little eyes! I feel really grateful for that, melting all the leg pain and making all of those 50 trips to the bathroom, worth every trip. God’s gifts are good. Happy 20 weeks baby!



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