Being a mom of 5, I like to keep it simple. Here’ s my over simplified edit of what I really wore the 9 mos and that I would recommend!
3. $10 Deep scoop neck tank (I love these for layering)
7. Dockatot Read my review here!
8. Bugaboo Fox Stroller gorgeous and functional

10. Jeans (I’d wear them with this a wrap or a kimono) See more favorites below!

Favorite Belly oil, Shea Butter, Belly Mask and Nursing Vitamins
I haven’t used the Wubbanub but reviews from family and friend say its 4 star, so it made the edit!

Gray boots are the first and favorite things to bust out at the first day of fall. They’re flattering and crazy versatile. I try and buy a new pair at the beginning of the season so I ensure I get my size 9!

Those following me for a while know I love a versatile gray dress and this one is NO EXCEPTION. I wear it dressed up or down and the tulip hem is crazy flattering! See some more of my faves:

Leopard Scarves are some of the best subtle ways to get a lot of pop for the price. Many of them are under $30, and I love them styled tied onto a purse.

I love how a gray bag is the cherry on top of a chic gray monochrome look.

I get so many compliments when I wear a gray coat – here are 4 faves:


Nordstrom never disappoints. From their stellar customer service, awesome online selection, and quick shipment options (hello curbside pick-up), it’s hard not to pick favorites. Since I’m due to welcome baby boy any day now, I opted for a fitted and flattering dress I’ve had on repeat. I added a leopard scarf, gray layer coat, and gray bag for an overall classic monochrome look. Stay tuned for baby news and more favorites from Nordstrom. 

gray dress // gray coat similar // bag // boots similar // scarf similar

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

Sweater // Jeans // Sandals // Baby Bag // Camisole // Sunglasses // Bella Band


  1. Nursing slip, I got mine at H&M (this one looks awesome too) and
  2. Nursing tanks in black and white (I’m wearing this now because it fits maternity too;)
  3. Comfy socks/white slippers (Don’t ask me why I love white slippers)
  4. Protein bars like KIND, etc for hubby
  5. Joggers in gray and black (I’ve found the Michael Stars one’s are the most flattering)
  6. Kimono and Robe
  7. Essential oils like lavender, peppermint and copaiba, will be coming with me
  8. Phone Charger

I’m also bringing his baby book to record things that happen during the labor, details etc. Here’s hoping I actually write these things down. The more kids I have, the harder it is to record ALL the special moments in a cute lil book! I’m making an extra effort to fill in a baby book since my older kids have been reaching for their baby books lately and reading them, and I cringe at some of the empty pages!

I was really intimidated at first at the whole idea of a hospital bag, but I remind myself, I won’t be staying there all week (Lord willing) and if needed, hubby can run home to get something. Basically, if I have my toiletries, pain meds, comfy socks, kimono, nursing tanks, and make-up I’m good! I’m pretty low-maintenance but hubby would differ with me. I’m excited for that day to finally come. In the meantime, weigh in with your must haves for the hospital?

Founded in 2011 by Ariane Goldman, mother of two, Hatch designs clothes that flatter your body, no matter the stage. Pregnant or not. I had the privilege of shooting some of my favorite HATCH maternity clothes in LA with photographer Alexa for the HATCH blog. It was fun picking out pieces I know I’d wear now and later for what they call the 4th trimester.  What I love most about Hatch pieces is not only the fit but that one can tell its a curated collection. The pieces aren’t loud, they’re useful, never too many ruffles bows or ties, but a couple that flatter, and only the highest quality fabrics are used. I’m currently obsessed with their “body-con” collection. Its ALWAYS good to show off that beautiful belly and these dresses do just that:

I’d like to leave you with this — my advice at the end of the interview if you don’t have a chance to read it (which I hope you will!)

SAVOR IT. It’s so easy to grind through your pregnancy complaining, but it goes by so fast and then you forget it all. I love writing things down for the kids to read when they’re older. Also, accept your body’s limitations. You can’t do everything; you’re not an octopus. You have two arms, two legs, and you’re growing a human being. know your limits. I tell myself this daily.

Don’t forget to check my feature on THEIR BLOG!

Thank you Hatch for the feature and clothes that make women feel beautiful!


I’ve been staying up way too late than I ought to and feeling all of 7 months pregnant! Because of our rigorous schedule of swim lessons ( yes, I signed them up for two sessions what was I thinking?!) and piano lessons (which requires me bugging them to practice)  and 20 snacks and 3 ish meals in between this mama is TIRED. I recently found this stretchy cotton dress under $60 with a tulip hem that makes me feel put together and this cardigan is only $41!

I love easy pieces that flatter without a lot of thought. How about you?

dress // cardigan // boots // sunnies

More Dresses on Sale

More Sweaters and Cardigans I’ve bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


dress // similar dress // sandals

20 Weeks

Halfway there this week and a lot of you have asked how I’m feeling. While I’m so grateful to have the hemorrhaging behind us,  I’m feeling lots of fatigue, leg pain, and let’s face it I can barely face an afternoon without dreaming of a nap. What is super cool, is feeling baby boy move, and hearing the kids baby boy name suggestions from John to Isaac to even suggesting their own names. Original eh?

Hello second trimester! I’m happy to announce the baby weighs 10.5 ounces and roughly the size of a banana! While he FEELS a lot heavier than carrying around a banana, there is consolation in knowing we’re halfway to meeting our little guy face to face!

I’m currently craving . . . .salads! I cannot get enough and anything covered in salt. Real healthy. However, I make my homemade dressing recipe daily and if you have a new favorite, email me!

As for preparation, we have cleared a potential room for the baby – and no new baby gear to report other than two Pack ‘n Plays and 2 diapers bags. I’m finally getting comments often like – “Wow you really popped!” and “Do you know what you’re having?” But its really our kids who make it most fun by rubbing my belly daily, saying prayers for baby boy, and asking me every day if he moved and how’s he doing. I’m loving experiencing this with them, through their little eyes! I feel really grateful for that, melting all the leg pain and making all of those 50 trips to the bathroom, worth every trip. God’s gifts are good. Happy 20 weeks baby!



Maternity items I’m loving

Maternity Dresses 20% off

Oils and lotion and body brush I’m using 

Shoes I’m Wearing During Pregnancy

dress ASOS (only $29!) similar and similar // boots AGL similar // Polene bag similar // blazer // earrings

Most of you know our news, and if you missed it, read all about it HERE 😉

Raise your hand if you’re in favor of not wearing maternity clothes while pregnant? I know I am. I went through 4 pregnancies buying very little to no maternity clothes. I either sized up in dresses and tops or opted for low rise boyfriend jeans. I found dresses I wore as tunics over leggings. And mind you ALL of my pregnancies thus far have been in freezing Chicago, so layering was essential, and people often didn’t know I was pregnant under ALL the layers. HA!

The practicality in me loves wearing clothes I’ll wear postpartum. Below are some tips to stay OUT of stretchy pants and sweats all 9 months, and still look CHIC 😉 I remember looking at pregnant women and thinking, she probably doesn’t know how adorable she looks!! After all, a woman pregnant is (even if she doesn’t feel like it) at her most beautiful and glowing self. She’s holding a little miracle!


  1. BUY BASICS and size up like this dress, t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, sweater dresses worn as a tunic, etc.
  2. Opt for LOW RISE jeans
  3. Its a win-win when you invest in chic NON-MATERNITY clothes to be worn after pregnancy

See more options below:


DRESSES (That cover the bump)