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Equilibria Q & A

by Shalice Noel

Many of you already know, I use my Equilibria throughout my day. I actually wonder how I lived without it? A certain amount of anxiety and sleepless nights is to be expected in these uncertain times. Therefore, CBD is essential right now for me as a mom, wife and business owner. Reid sees the biggest change in me when I don’t take it. I challenge you to take Equilibria CBD and then ask your significant other to see if they notice any difference.

Read more below on Equilibria’s safety and efficacy. Something I even questioned when I first heard about cbd.

Is Equilibria safe?

Just like beauty products, all CBD is not created equal when it comes to quality, efficacy, and safety. Because it’s not regulated by the FDA, new brands pop up every day with untested products and zero disclosure as to where they are sourced from- yikes!

Equilibria is different because of their dedication to producing the highest quality, ethically sourced, fully traceable, third-party tested CBD products. They own their own farm and supply chain, and oversee the production in-house from start to finish, following all the strict farming practices that a medical hemp farm would use—even though they don’t have to! 

Why you will get the most out of Equilibria products?

Two reasons why you will get the MOST out of Equilibria products: 

1. Their product is derived from the hemp FLOWER only. This is the purest source of CBD. Other brands also use stalks, stems, and leaves from the plant–but this is much lower grade and therefore results in a less quality product! Their formula is proprietary–meaning no other brand can replicate it. 

2. EVERY EQ customer is assigned to a dosage specialist who has a professional background in cannabis. (Think of her as your dosage COUNSELOR). She works with you one on one to understand your goals, and helps come up with a customized routine. Everyone’s bodies and needs are different–so there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” CBD routine!

Why CBD works for so many different issues: 

Fun fact: Humans have a series of receptors in their body called the Endocannabinoid System (or ECS for short). 

Our bodies naturally create molecular compounds called endocannabinoids that interact with these receptors by turning them on or off to help manage things like sleep, mood, pain regulation, and inflammation. The ECS directly affects the female reproductive system and its entire job is to maintain balance in our body by constantly regulating these receptors. 

As we get older, and we experience stress, our bodies stop creating as many of these endocannabinoids, which means our system stops functioning as well. How do we replenish those lost endocannabinoids to get the body back in balance? You guessed it–with CBD! 

This is why CBD is thought to be so effective in so many areas. When we use CBD, we are replicating what our body already naturally creates with a plant substance that does a similar job. Our bodies are already built to accept these phytocannabinoids as though they were made in our own bodies! 

Where to start once you get your first box: 

The EQ dosage team recommends starting with a 10mg softgel every morning after breakfast and 10mg (one full dropper/1mL) of Daily Drops in the evening. Remember, consistency is key! Finding the right dose for you can take some time, this is why Equilibria has a team of dosage specialists to help come up with the right routine! Make sure to set up a dosage consultation to find the right dose and regimen for you! I order the balance box every month and really like the convenience of it!

CBD may be right for you if…. 

  • If you wake up at night and can’t go back to sleep because your mind is racing
  • If your brain won’t turn off and prevents you from falling asleep 
  • If your patience level with your kids is negative zero and you’re pulling your hair out 
  • If you are really sick of Zoom calls 
  • If that looming work presentation makes your anxiety spike 
  • If your period cramps are THE WORST 
  • If you look at the time every day thinking, “is it time for wine yet?!” but it’s only 3pm 

Use the code shalicenoel for 15% off! Any further questions?

Email me shalice@shalicenoel.com or comment here.

Q and A

by Shalice Noel

leggings // earrings // bra similar // shoes // jacket // Chanel cocoon bag and similar quilted black bag by MZ Wallace

I recently asked my readers what were some of their style questions. I got so many fun questions from what to wear to a black tie wedding to can I please have a similar boot to the Chloe boot?! I did some digging around the wide world web and I’m excited to share them below. If I left any out, feel free to email me, shalice@shalicenoel.com

What do I wear to a Black tie wedding?

I love this and this gown worn with these shoes, earrings and clutch.

What are some of your favorite designer pieces?

F headband, Chloe Susanna boots, and see below for more!

Where’s the review of your Fendi flip bag?

The link to that post is here!

What are some of your favorite Amazon buys, etc?

These wash clothes, I have this Magnesium powder on autobuy, these barely there socks, and Lavazza coffee pods, are the bomb! Shop my Amazon page HERE!

Any good Snow Outfits?

See my post on what I brought to Vail HERE.

Any shoes you recommend under $150

Vince Camuto Gigietta bootie. Be prepared to get tons of compliments on them! They’re on sale under $100.

Cute Cardigans?

Try this cardigan as a dress, long cardigan, fancy cardigan, warm fuzzy cardigan, wrap front cardigan

Good buys

Here are some leggings similar to lululemon legging, similar lululemon jacket, similar to Chloe Susanna boots, FF headbands, GG sneakers similar, sneakers for kids, and black studded sandals.

Interior Design – a couple pieces that give a lot of bang for the buck. I’m loving acrylic tables and chairs, good b/w art, and simple vases.

Super comfy joggers/hoodie sets


Cute Combat boots, affordable, stylish warm

Nordstrom Rack has so many combat boots at affordable options!

Shoes for weekend in NYC, cute comfy, stylish and warm?

Quality jeans, under $125?

How about $128? These from Madewell are flattering and good quality. You know I’m crazy for denim so here’s a shortlist of faves under $100. And don’t miss these 501 skinny’s under $100.

As always, my shop page is open 24/7, and sign up for my newsletter for exclusive content. Happy Friday!

Q & A

What was your last Amazon prime order?

Bento lunch boxes for the kids peppermint oil, because I get really stiff neck and headaches, and tea.

What is the last tip your make-up artist, Lexi has given you.

Use highlighter on the bridge of your nose, center of your top lip, on your cheekbones, over the inner corners of your eyes, onto your brow bone, and center of your forehead. Lexi started using this highlighter on me.

What is the best and last diet tip you’ve shared?

Dandelion tea. It helps with water retention and I drink at least one cup a day.

Will you be sharing your workout routine?

Yes, Hubby and I will be sharing one soon, stay tuned! If you missed it, see a video on how I workout at the park!

Where do you like to go in Palm Springs?

The King’s Highway  for breakfast (I get their granola and yogurt), the Ace pool to cool down, pink door house and I’m open to hearing my readers favorites?

What’s the address of the pink door house and this house with the lions?

Good question! 1100 E Sierra Way, Palm Springs, CA 92264

What did you have for breakfast at home?

Steel cut oatmeal, almond milk, raw honey, coffee and dandelion tea. 

What’s a sample diet?

Click this Q & A HERE 😉

Did you always want a big family?

I always wanted 6 children, Reid wanted 3, and God gave us 4. I feel like I’ve won the lottery with them. We have some really long days, but they are a constant blessing.

What’s your best parenting advice, or what have you learned lately that has made momlife easier?

It’s threefold: a lot of affection, some outside time whether its scooters at the park, a ride around the block, and lots of good snacks sometimes makes or breaks a day.

With 4 kids you must have a lot of mess in your house?

Haha well, we have a chore chart they have to follow, I give rewards for cleaning and when in doubt, I ask them to take something upstairs and I count how long it takes – they love it, they’re really competitive and I get things done, lol.

How do you juggle your days as a busy mom and business owner?

Not every day is the same, some days I have a sitter all day for meetings and appointments or a photo shoot, some days like today, I’m home, we make breakfast, do chores, read and I catch up on emails and write my blog posts. With that said, its not without the cries, the troubles with sharing and the struggle to fit in a workout, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I was just telling Felicia my photographer how much I love working from home – from kissing the boo-boos, applying the 5th band aid, brewing my own coffee, writing, and sending emails and styling outfits. The latter is often done around midnight but hey it works.

Anything I missed or you’d like to ask? Comment below!




What I’m Wearing

pink pants ALICE and OLIVIA :: ruffle bodysuit LEITH :: hat NORDSTROM :: sunnies CHLOE :: heels (only $32!)  WHOWHATWEAR :: bag MCM