We spent 4 dreamy days in Riviera Maya, Cancun, Mexico to celebrate Unico’s one year anniversary. Since I was their very FIRST influencer to stay at Unico and promote it, I was asked to be the first to hit the pinata. While I was feeling a little sick (2 months pregnant with baby Levi), the beach, the gorgeous scenery, and chill time by the pool made me feel WAY better. One of our biggest regrets was missing out on the excursions thanks to our flight arriving late. Be sure to organize that right away with your guide. Hopefully there will be a next time! The resort is all-inclusive that means food and beverage is covered with the price of your stay. Reid and I both agreed this is THE BEST WAY TO VACATION. There is much less stress having to pull out the Amex every time you order a daiquiri or guacamole and chips. And while we are on the subject, don’t miss out from their signature avocado smoothies you can order from the cafe. Insider’s tip. Have you been? 

Here are some common questions I got about our stay at Unico Resort.

It is all inclusive?

Yes all meals are prepaid. It wonderful to have one less thing to think about! Hello fresh chips and guac on the beach.

Are children welcome?

It is an adult only resort. Leave the kids with Granny!

Room with a pool vs Room with a tub?

However I missed the tub, we both agreed we loved the pool room by the beach and pool!

–What to pack for Mexico–

White and black tanks and tees

Sun screen!

Forget the designer bags at home. I barely needed a bag

Rompers jumpsuits and dresses for evenings

Outfit deets below. Let me know if I missed anything and if you have any other questions in the comments!



polka dot shorts // polka dot dress // white tie blouse // wrap dress // similar straw hat


We were so thankful to be able to return to Unico’s beautiful resort and recreate so many memories. We can’t wait to go back! Book your next trip to the ultimate paradise HERE.


straw hat // his suspenders // my sunnies // my sandals (only $35!)

Funny how whenever the flight attendants see us board a plane their first comment is, “Are these all your kids…. That’s a lot of work!”  Well, it’s true, traveling with 5 kids under 11 is no walk in the park, but traveling is worth every bit of hassle.  I’m thankful for the travel opportunities we have had this past year and what better way to close out the school year with a trip to Mexico on the Baja Peninsula.  We put all those Spanish classes to practice!  Kind of.

We flew to San Cabos San Lucas for a 5 night stay at the brand new Nobu Hotel.  Nobu is a chic celebrity sushi restaurant in LA (one of the owners is Robert De Niro).  They are now opening resorts all over the world so you can enjoy the fine Japanese cuisine and style all over the world.  The Nobu Hotel Cabo San Lucas is located 45 minutes from the SJC airport.  You can book an airport transfer through the resort as we did.

You will be in awe of the experience as you drive up to the front lobby.  The architecture is sleek and sophisticated as well as the service.  Upon arrival, the staff warmly greeted us with moist towels to freshen our faces from, juice boxes for the kids and a ginger cocktail for Reid and I.  Exactly what we needed to decompress after the stress of flying.

The resort opened in April 2019 and designed to immerse Japanese design with Mexican hospitality.  Ocean views and Zen gardens are everywhere.  The property includes three pools, many hot tubs, private cabanas and a swim up bar. The Cabanas have private bathrooms and showers and was a great place for the kids to nap in the shade.  It was like an extension of our hotel room.  Reserve your complimentary Cabana with your personal butler upon arrival.

For our family of 7, hotel rooms that accommodate all of us are rare.  Fortunately, Nobu offers a variety of suites.  We stayed in the Zen Suite with an adjoining room.  We had a living room, eating area, king size bed with incredible bathroom and another adjoining queen bed room for the kids.  All rooms have darkening drapes so the kids always slept till 7:30am which made for nice quiet mornings.  Comment below on this bathroom dream!

We spent every day at the pool.  The resort is beach front but the ocean is not swimmable.  You can hear the power of the waves crashing throughout the day.  Besides the pool, the kids loved going to the Kids Club.  They did face painting, movie nights, crafts and games for the kids from 7am – 10pm.  You drop your kids off and pick them up whenever you want.  Can you say date night?  Even better….ocean view sunset date night at Nobu! 

The resort offers fine dining at Nobu and Malibu Farms.  Feels like we are home in Los Angeles!  The food was fresh and delicious.  We recommend getting an all-inclusive package offered on Nobu website upon making your reservations. 

Also keep this on the DL, but the fitness center provides iced chlorophyll water that we loved. I won’t lie, it is the best and most refreshing beverage after a day in the sun. Also a favorite was the dark chocolate they left at turndown service. I would call for turndown service just to feed my chocolate addiction. All in all, a great family getaway. Next time, we will explore the town!

Tip#1: If you’re flying with children, check the stroller at the gate.

Tip #2: Bring instant oatmeal packets. My kids wake up at the crack of dawn on vacation and I’m not taking them to breakfast at 5am!

Tip #3 Buy your girls shorts in the boys section. You get 3 more inches, and they have good washes and distressing.

Tip #4 Lower your expectations. Or let go of any you may have. Like parenting at home, some days are totally unpredictable. Go with the flow and you’ll enjoy your vacation more.

Tip#5 If you’re traveling with an infant (Levi is 8 mos old) nurse him/her at take off and landing to alleviate any ear pain or pressure. If your baby is older, bring something to chew on. I bought him a play iphone but he really just loved the chew beads and melt in your mouth snacks.

Tip #6: Don’t forget your face mask for the flight. Even if I don’t have time (holding a baby the whole time) I will apply a face mask on my neck for refreshment. I also bring my NuFace mini and do a mini eye lift.T

Tip #7: The sun is stronger than you know. Pack sun hats and sunscreen. I use Unseen sunscreen as a makeup primer so I NEVER forget to put it on.

top SAYLOR :: cutoffs FRAME

bikini VIX :: skirt ZARA similar 

Reid and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in March and what better way to celebrate than escaping away together.  The in-laws flew in to babysit and we said ‘Adios’ for a few, much needed, nights away.  We jumped on a flight headed to Cancun.  We stayed at the brand new UNICO 20˚87˚ Hotel Riviera Maya an adult only, all-inclusive, Mexican modern hotel.  With pre-vacation adrenalin rushing through our veins, we entered the front hall of the resort where over-sized black Moroccan lanterns hang low from the high ceiling.  A hostess offered us a seat on the chesterfield sofa and a refreshing post-flight ginger drink to sip while we waited to check in.  Instead of the usual check in procedure, we were greeted by our host, who introduced the amenities and then gave us a tour of the property while we headed to our room.  The holistic design of the resort was inspired by modern artisans and Mexican craftsmanship.

We stayed in the Alcoba Ocean Front room with a hydrotherapy tub on the deck that over looked the pool and Gulf of Mexico beyond.  The king size bed was ultimate rest and the sweatshirt like UNICO 20˚87˚ robes were cozy to slip into early mornings to watch the sunrise and eat room service.  Oh, and they even give you two hand-made straw hats to keep the sun off your face.  This was our first all-inclusive vacation and we were both delighted in not having to worry about where to go for dinner. UNICO 20˚87˚ has 4 á la carte fine dining restaurants to choose from on property with Mexican, Italian and Japanese menus.  They also have a small café with espresso and desserts, a specialty bar with personalized drinks, a breakfast and lunch buffet just off the pool deck overlooking the water and of course full menu while lounging by the pool or on the beach.

We realized the ultimate relaxation of an all-inclusive vacation is when the staff at the pool asked us our toughest question.  “Where would you like to lay down today?”  We chose the chairs in the water, facing the beach of course.  On our second day, I received a 90 min full body massage. So relaxing, while Reid hit the gym.  As health nuts, we learned that Café Inez offers smoothies, so afterwards I got a blueberry smoothie and Reid got some kind of cabbage and basil one, which was surprisingly really good.  Especially after plane travel.  We also got to talk to another couple sitting next to us from Toronto who happened to be leaving that morning and totally jealous of our smoothie discovery.  Now you know!

Our last night of our 4-night stay came quickly and was spent with more eating, more coffee and one last stroll on the beach at sunrise.  Our only regret was that we didn’t do one of the excursions they offer.  Next time! 

5 Suggestions for your stay at UNICO:

1)             Keep the immigration form in your passport for return home.

2)             Try each of the restaurant choices and order items you usually wouldn’t order in a restaurant.

3)             Don’t miss the sunrise.  We are so used to sunsets on the Pacific side that we missed a couple sunrises over the water.  Definitely worth the golden hour

4)             The hotel  will run your bath for you whatever time you request.  Take advantage of that service!

5)             There are major discounts on the salon and spa treatments.  Part of the Unlimited Inclusion, you only pay 20% of the full price on select salon, spa, excursions and Unlimited Golf. Which meant a manicure cost $6.  Definitely a service worth using. And the ultimate question, would we go again? In a heartbeat.

Thank you UNICO Riviera Maya for sponsoring this post!


dress ramy brook similar :: lace up heels  :: sunnies ::

An all white dress is the ultimate Spring essential. It compliments a tan, and looks great with lace up sandals.  While we’re sad to leave Unico Resort in Mexico, we cannot wait to see our kids! There was so much to see and do it was almost overwhelming to capture. Stay tuned for more on the resort! See more white looks here and here.