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Many people ask me about my fitness routine and diet.  The truth is, I really don’t have a routine at all.  With four kids at home during the summer, my workout is keeping up with their high energy and high impact youthfulness.  I call my fitness more organic than routine.

Here I’m showing a recent trip to our favorite park.  Getting the kids’ shoes on and them out the door is my typical warm up.  My fashion minded self always slaps on some lipstick too before grabbing my keys.  However, this park day had a new focus for me.  I grabbed a jump rope and resistance bands with the intention of getting a workout in while the kids played on the playground. Well, I did get some jump roping in, but the kids were more interested in what I was doing rather than playing on the equipment.  In the end we all worked out together; they burned energy while I burned calories. I’d say that’s a win-win.

Here are some benefits to jump rope:

Great Cardio

Great for cognitive and physical health

A jump rope fits in my purse.

It’s something you get better at with practice

The kids totally want to participate too

Recommendations before jump roping:

Go to the bathroom before you get started

Wear this type of sports bra

Here is a great jump rope

Here are some benefits to resistance bands:

 Builds strength and tones muscle

Variations of movement = full body workout

They also fit in your purse

They may be used as a slingshot

Here is a link to some resistance bands

Here’s what I’m wearing NOKAOI

See more on my DIET  and more WORKOUTS to do with your kids.

I hope our video inspires you to dream up opportunities for an organic workout with the family.  Life with kids is a discipline of endurance.  Take advantage of their youthful energy and get yourself fit.



We like nothing better as a family than scootering to the park, tea, ice cream or just about anywhere. It’s always a race to get anywhere and Reid and I are often left in the dust. Thankfully, I just joined the squad with my very own white Micro-Scooter. The kids actually love that I can finally keep up with them on our way to ice cream or the park.

On the 4th of July morning, our scooter outing took us down to one of our favorite LA streets, Abbot Kinney where we grabbed some ice cream at Salt and Straw.  We timed it perfect getting there right when they opened and didn’t have to wait in line.  It was early enough that the sidewalks weren’t too crowded.  We kept the speed down and found an open area where we could run in circles for awhile.  It just so happened to be where one of my favorite LA walls are too!

Spending time as a family made the 4th of July Holiday all the more special.  Keeping the celebration simple was key to a successful day with four kids.  They really don’t need much.  Just us, scooting along side of them.

 Tips for Scootering:

Wear Helmets on your heads

Sneakers on your feet – not sandals

Our first lesson with our 4 year old was how to break, it’s an important one!

Don’t forget to watch the video below and see one of my fave family posts HERE

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my scooter MICRO WHITE :: kids scooters MAXI SCOOTER (ages 5-12)


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Thank you Micro-Scooter for sponsoring this post!

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One of the many reasons I was so excited about leaving the Midwest was a warm October. I mean, Elsa and Anna can actually walk down the street without a full parka and knit hat? Mind-blowing. So to celebrate this inaugural year of Costumes without Coats, the girls and I decided on Batman’s right hand girl: Cat Woman. We had soooo much fun getting dressed and it wasn’t long until the kids were begging to go outside to show off their costumes and demanding pictures (no, you read it right. They wanted pics!). I’ll admit, I’m the mom who is AWFUL at costumes – to the tune of using the couch blanket as a cape. Yup, mom fail. This year, I did away with my old ways. Despite ordering multiple Cat Women costumes, the totally corny headband, and the slightly loose boys’ costumes, ol’ Amazon totally pulled through for me. They, and I really do mean “I”, were a complete success. Let the 88 degree Cali October-trick-or -treating begin! 

Shop our looks here and on my shop page. What’s your favorite costume of all time?

woman’s catwoman :: girls catwoman ::

men’s batman :: boys batman

or see the video here:

If I could give you any advice on how to dress in the most efficient way possible (i.e. the 5 min approach), I’d say dress like you pack. In other words, focus on basics, not outfits. And to expand on that idea, focus on one piece that inspires you. For me, it’s this bell sleeve blouse beautifully balanced with a bold suede skirt.

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