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by Shalice Noel

Sure! Here’s a welcoming message for your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks:

Welcome to My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

I’m thrilled to share my top picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with you! This year’s sale is packed with incredible deals on the latest trends, timeless classics, and everything in between. Whether you’re updating your wardrobe, refreshing your beauty routine, or hunting for the perfect home essentials, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive into the best of the best and find those must-have items that will elevate your style and bring a touch of luxury to your everyday life. Happy shopping!

1 // Love this air fryer slash oven. We use ours to make cookies or warm up food

2 // These candles make great gifts!

3 // I’m loving this white le creuset moment. I use mine to make teriyaki chicken or fresh bread.

4 // Organic towels on sale? Yes please. I need new ones for the house.

5 // I get barefoot dreams blankets every year for friends and teachers. Tip: buy gifts now!

6 // Organic cotton sheets since you don’t want to sleep in toxins, amiright?

7 // This duffle is so cute and practical!

8 // When a Tumi carry-on is on sale, you run!

9 // Do you entertain? Do you love a built in bowl and cutting board situation? I do. Plus its very aesthetic.

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1 Frame Barrel jeans These have a straight leg relaxed fit. Get your true size. I like the slight and not exaggerated barrel leg. It’s enough curve to be flattering.

2. Our Place Air fryer oven – looks like an easy bake oven, also works as an air fryer. It is so easy to use – even my 5 year old uses it to make cookies.

3. One and done travel pants – These don’t wrinkle and look great with a tank!

4. T3 Airebrush Blow dryer that gives that I’ve-been-to-the-salon-vibe. My daughter atalie has tons of hair and swears by it to tame her mane and make it look like she went to the salon.

5. L’Occitane almond oil set is iconic – and on sale as a set! Run, these make great gifts.

6. NIKE – I’ve always wanted these sneakers. I love the colors!

7. Salt & Stone deodorant. Have you smelled these? so good!!

8. $27 motivation to get me to the gym. Does this work for you? I always need new gym gear to get me into the gym!

9. This candle smells amazing and makes a great gift! Think Christmas in July!

10. Marant sweatshirt. I have this in white and maybe need this in navy!

11. Don’t skip these luxe red pants.

12. I want to wear this gorgeous belted white coat to NYC in the Fall.

Here are my past NSALE picks from years before

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What my teens are loving:

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