Benefits of Celery Juice

by Shalice Noel

My morning coffee wasn’t cutting it, so I started juicing celery juice! The benefits are numerous so I thought the gross taste would justify a clean gut, and glowing skin. I’ve been fighting random pimples showing up on my nose so why not try something natural to help? I mean who doesn’t want to feel lighter and younger?

I didn’t know what I was doing so one day I threw a bunch of celery into the Vitamix and added some water to blend. The first day I won’t lie, it tasted pretty disgusting especially after I was used to enjoying my yummy cappuccino. The two doesn’t mix.

I’m in day 25 (give or take a couple days I lost on our road trip) and WOW, I feel lighter and glowing, honestly the best I’ve felt in a while.

I grew up thinking celery was a humble vegetable, devoid of vitamins. I would occasionally buy it for the kids to eat with peanut butter and raisins, aptly named, “ants on a log.”

The best way to consume celery juice is by itself, however you can add one cucumber and one apple to the celery juice to adjust the flavor.

Celery juice drank best alone without any other fruits, is a medicinal drink not a caloric one so I usually eat breakfast 15 min or later after I’ve consumed the celery juice. I like toast and coconut butter on Ezekial bread or oatmeal.

Ok, ready for some important facts? Most people do not know that celery juice is a healing tonic, liver cleanse, helps with chronic illness, increases and strengthens your bile as strong bile breaks down fats, which helps eliminate waste from your body.

Many of you have asked since I started, “what improvements have you noticed since drinking celery juice?”

  1. First of all complexion. The pimples on my nose are gone, my skin glows, (I didn’t think that was possible?)
  2. My stomach feels good. It has been known to help the gut. What I’ve noticed is that the more you drink celery juice, the more your body will crave it. Which leads me to my next benefit of drinking celery juice . . .
  3. LESS CRAVINGS. Crazy right? I haven’t experienced as many cravings for my nightly dark chocolate peanut butter candies and has curbed my appetite all together. Everyone’s experience will be different, so be patient!


1 bunch of organic celery (wash and cut off the end)

2 cups water (give or take here, sometimes I add more)

Add both the celery stalks and water into a Vitamix and blend. drain in a strainer, add ice and drink immediately.

Tip: drink immediately or store in a mason jar in the refrigerator. It tastes better consumed right away. To save time in the morning, chop and wash the celery stalks the night before. For my readers who want to go one step further, drink chlorophyll water! Who wants to join in and try it? be sure to let me know you did!

Still curious? Here is a great article highlighting the benefits of celery juicing.

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