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Hanes #Becomfydent

August 16, 2016

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I’m sharing how I wear my Hanes bras and underwear: the boy briefs, hipsters, and comfy bras without wires – from getting ready to going out. The second installment in the series with Hanes #becomfydent.  Let’s get started, below are my 4 tips:

1. Say goodbye to discomfort. Let’s be real, most mornings, I want to stay in bed and not get into that uncomfortable ____. What is it for you? Tight jeans? Misfitting bra? A bra with an itchy tag? Take it out of your closet and bag it up. Donate the whole bag or place it in the corner of your room till you get sick of looking at it. Believe me, this works. You eventually can’t stand to look at it and then out the door it goes. Check out Hanes Ultimate Perfect Coverage ComfortFlex Fit Wire-Free Bra and Cool Comfort Hipster Panties

2. Don’t feel badly about lack of color. I own a ton of black and white. I invest and stock up on good pieces like white tops and black jeans. See them as the backbone of your wardrobe. Check out Hanes Cotton Jersey Scoop Tank (I have in white)

3. Keep it minimal. Those who follow me know that my jewelry is simple and minimal at best. Let’s be real, I’m a mom, so things get caught when I’m doing the laundry or holding a child. I like to keep it simple and not have to worry about one more thing. 

4. Take a selfie. It helps to do this before you leave the house for a last minute check of your outfit. After I take a selfie of my outfit, I sometimes eliminate an accessory, change my bag, or take off earrings. Comfort is king! Join me by sharing your comfy (and chic) look by using the hashtag: #becomfydent.                              

As a heads up, I’m partnering with Hanes for a couple months sharing how I, as a busy mom, wear comfy undergarments and tees. 

Read more at www.Hanes.com

Thank you Hanes for partnering on this post.

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