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I don’t love back to school frenzy but I secretly love all the prep and new gear! The kids share this joy with me. I bought the kids new Trapper Keepers, backpacks and jeans from Walmart. I had a blast from the past when I bought the Trapper Keepers home. I used to have one in junior high. Such good memories staying organized and “cool.” Now, my kids get to experience it.

See my picks below for starting off the year right:

Girls backpack // Girls Jeggings // Girls $3 tanks // Girls tees // // Boys backpacks // Trapper Keeper and this one / Notebooks // My cardigan // Boys jeans // Brooks’ shirt // Boys shoes // Boys Henley // Desktop Calendar //

Back to School for moms

Back to School for kids

Back to School Gear

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It’s THAT time again, back to school shopping! I’m not lying, I’m kinda looking forward to this chapter. A sense of structure, a fresh beginning and a new bouquet of pencils are all my favorites. How about you? How do you feel about the school season kicking off? While some schools are still uncertain as to IF they are returning in the fall due to the virus, I still think many of us are excited for school season. Our kids are excited for new books, fresh starts, and of course new gear! New gear ALWAYS helps. I remember as a kid being so excited to pick out my new trapper keeper, colorful pens, pencils and folders. Who knew office supplies could be such a buzz? I honestly love these journals from Walmart because my boys can write about something they saw in the yard as there is a portion to draw and write. These little nature journals are inspiring and less than the price of a latte. Let the learning begin!

I ordered some back to school gear, a pool and new clothes for the kids. We just measured Atalie and she is 5’5″! Wow! So I bought her new shirts and shorts.

Love the convenience of ordering and fast shipping. Hurry up and find your next back to school score!

Puma Backpacks // Girls Leopard shorts // School uniform shirts // Pink Sandals // Ice Cream Maker // Inflatable Pool // My Shorts // My Peasant Top // Swimsuit

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my cardigan // lunch containers // Wonder Woman tee’s // Wonder Woman backpack // Girl’s Biker Shorts // Women’s biker shorts // Similar tank

The kids are headed BACK TO SCHOOL and with that comes my nemesis, school lunches.  To simplify our busy schedules, I’m sharing a school lunch grocery list and some creative lunch ideas that don’t require utensils and are quick for you to piece together.  Oh and did I mention the kids love it.  I would love to hear some of your ideas, so leave me a comment.

I know getting back to school is daunting for both kids and parents, so please bookmark this post for your next shopping trip.  I’ve linked all these items to Walmart as well, because they have great healthy selections, low prices and some items can be delivered next day.  I’m all about less trips in the car, so this is a huge quality of life win.

Here’s what I look for when buying school lunch items.  Finger foods are great because we save plastic utensils.  As a rule of thumb, provide a protein to fill their bellies during the day, add fresh vegetables with hummus or ranch dressing and lastly dried fruit for dessert.  I’ve learned the hard way to not pack nuts.  Many schools do not allow nuts on campus so don’t waste them and keep them at home.  I also try to avoid filling the kids up with breads so here is a great idea for deli meat.  Take slices of ham and or turkey and roll it.  Then take the bamboo stick and make a kabob.  In between the deli meat add vegetables like cucumber, tomato, pickles or whatever else your kids like.  Think of it like a salad on a stick.  The best part, no dirty dishes for the kids to bring home.  Win, win!

I love expressing my creative side with school lunches and giving the kids something fun and healthy to eat during their school day.  Here’s a shopping list you can copy for your next trip to Walmart! Or use the links below and buy online, taking advantage of their amazing next day shipping (I’ve taken advantage of MANY TIMES) for qualifying items. Before I purchase, I always check the reviews and if the item qualifies for Next Day shipping. Time is a hot commodity as a mom of 5, so if it can arrive ASAP, things run a little smoother.

Do you have a favorite lunch as a kid? share it below!

School Lunches Shopping list:

1)  Deli Meat (Turkey or Ham) Turkey Jerky is good too.

2)  Fresh Vegetables (Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cauliflower, Broccoli)

3)  Fresh Fruit (Grapes, Apple Slices, Peaches, Mango, Strawberries)

4)  Dried Fruit (Coconut Chips, Dried anything)

5)  Lunch container

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girls stripe dresses // red sandals

older boys stripe sweatshirt // red shorts // boys sneakers

younger boy’s A OK tee // graphic jogger pants // boys sneakers 

I’m so excited to partner with Nordstrom Back to School for kids. I’m loving all their laid-back pieces to add to my kids’ wardrobe this fall. I honestly love shopping for their autumn staples just as much as my own and Nordstrom makes it too easy.

Because we spend most weekends in the mountains, I was happy to find a lot of pieces that layer really well! Going from warmer temps in LA to the cooler mountain temps can be a little tricky so I had my oldest pick out a plaid blazer to go over her yellow dress. And yes, I let her borrow my Gucci belt bag. You can’t fault her good taste. The boys’ shoes were sporty and adorable. Now I just wish they knew how to tie their shoes, but let’s reserve that for another blog post shall we? Likewise, the girls loved their boots because they look like mom’s! I wonder how long I will get away with them saying that?
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—Nordstrom is simply one of my favorites for the kids. With all these adorable back to school options, how can you not want to pick something up for your kiddos?


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It’s officially back to school season and I am running around like a crazy person. Any other moms feel like summer went by way too fast, but are also happy to send the kids back to school? Such a catch 22. But anyway, with this time of year comes back to school shopping and I’m looking to one of my favorite brands to get the job done—Uniqlo.


boys blue stripe tee // yellow puffer jacket// boys flannel shirt and red padded vest// boys jeans (yay for a relaxed fit and elastic waist, less complaints!) // socks not pictured but pretty necessary
A note on size: I found the fit pretty true to size. The 5/6 fit my 5 year old perfectly all the way up to my 10 year old who took the 9/10 size. 

Uniqlo really is a one-stop-shop for all things back to school. They’ve been around since 1984 (started in Japan—so cool!), which tells me they must be doing something right. And their prices are so reasonable. They actually design and manufacture every single item they sell, which is what keeps prices down.

Because I’m all too knowledgeable on how rough my kids, in particular, are on clothes and shoes, I’m all about an affordable retailer with good quality items! I was also happy to discover they sell baby onesies as well. If you’re looking for simple clothes at a great price-point, check out Uniqlo now! Ps. I did purchase this dress and trench to match my daughters and still can’t believe how affordable and chic their clothing is! Now, if I could only convincing Reid we need to go to Paris was just as easy. Ha!

All opinions are my own. Thank you Uniqlo for sponsoring this post!

LOL tee // girl’s moto bootie //girls hoodie tunic // girl’s cat flat // girls skinny jeans // boys flannel shirt // boys reversible camo jacket // boys lined jeans // boys green rugby 

4 Back to School Tips

I’m a big believer in EASING your kids into school. It’s a big change for moms, dads, and kids alike, so here are some tips to make that transition easier!

1. Go to bed earlier. I’ve found the back-to-school transition goes a lot smoother when kids are already adjusted to their new schedules. This means you should ease them into a morning schedule 4 weeks before school starts. I know that sounds like pulling teeth, but trust me, the keyword is EASE.
2. Have a treasure chest! I ordered all the little toys my kids are obsessed with from HERE so when they’re done with a subject or practicing piano or pass some test or goal, they get to choose ONE item from the chest. This works best for ages 5-10, in my experience.
3. Lower your expectations. The first couple weeks are rough getting into the new routine. Give yourself and your kids some grace!
4. Set their clothes and shoes out the night before. This helps so much so there’s no room for guessing or a possible disagreement. 
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my kids backpacks: map // sharks // leopard // stone arch

My kids love to bring their scooters to the park and run around finding lizards probably just as much as they love seeing their names on a back pack! Their back pack’s arrived today with many adoring fans. And guess what? Today is national backpack day!! Use code BACKPACK and pin 2018, to get 50% off a back pack or coordinating lunch box with free shipping at Lands’ End.

This is THE time to get your son, daughter, niece or nephew a bag for school. My kids especially love them because they love seeing their names monogrammed on their bags – especially when you come from a big family, having your name on a bag is a big deal! Which one will you choose?

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boys checker tee // logo long sleeve tee // girls skinny jean //  boys logo tee // letterman jacket // girls patched cargo jacket // my cargo jacket // jeans // heels // sunnies 


  1. Lunch box woes? Wanna keep their food separated? No problem. Place cupcake holders in your kids lunch box and food will no longer touch.
  2. Picky Dresser? I have four. So as you can imagine getting dressed can be really stressful. I let them pick their own shoes and I put out their clothes the night before. We discuss it so no surprises and when they come home they can slip right into their favorite (may I add ratty) running shorts and flip flops. We can’t win every battle but compromise helps!
  3. Speaking of organizing closets, do you know you can use shower curtain hooks on their closet rod to keep jewelry bags and even jeans organized.
  4. Keep Canker Sores at Bay. My friend Aylin told me about BORAX homeopathic for canker sores and it works! Also take B complex and dab some milk (yes, milk!) directly on their canker sore.
  5. Use a Lazy Susan in the fridge for the most grabbed for condiments – for us its the pickles, maple syrup and ketchup. No more, “mom, where’s the ketchup?!” Well, no guarantees.
  6. Need Meals in a pinch? 20 Freezer recipes for those long homework and no time to cook kind of nights. Wait, isn’t that every night? Ha, I’m kidding. I’m also sharing 3 of our go-to recipes HERE.  And sharing my go-to dressing recipes on the blog HERE.
  7. After school Slump? Make Energy Balls! After you make them, place them in the freezer and they’re a great snack with chocolate AND fiber. The latter they will never know about. NO BAKE ENERGY BITES 1 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup chocolate chips, 1/2 cup ground flaxseed meal, 1/2 cup crunchy peanut butter 1/3 cup honey or maple syrup. Arrange in balls and freeze until set. About an hour. Enjoy!
  8. Schedule is EVERYTHING. My friend Eva puts her kids on the school schedule one month prior to school starting so they ease into school without the shock factor and sour attitudes.
  9. MAKE AHEAD for that rainy day. Make chicken or vegetable soup in a large batch and freeze in individual portions for those days they will get sick at school. I like this recipe. Also, make a batch of sugar cookies and freeze them in dough balls for that day your child is asked to bring a dozen cookies. You know if will happen!
  10. Need to get grape juice out of clothes? My daughter spilled the communion juice on her new dress Sunday and I just about flipped. I ended up putting soap on it immediately then soaking it in Dawn soap when I got home and running it through the wash. Violà! I also found this recipe: Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent with one quart of warm water. Soak in this solution for 15 minutes. If the stain remains, sponge with rubbing alcohol and rinse thoroughly
  11. Did the kids leave crayons in the car melting in the summer heat? Mine did today actually. They left 5 crayons in the cup holders and I hurry googled how to get crayons off of plastic after I made them try and clean it of course. Here’s what I found to help: Spray the affected plastic with WD-40 or another oil-based car part lubricant. Vinylex Quick Wipes by Lexol also work wonders. Leave it on for 3 minutes. Wipe the plastic with a soft cloth. If any residue remains, wash it off in a circular motion with warm, soapy water and a sponge.

It’s YOUR turn, what are some of your smart hacks?

I’m sure I left some out, I’d love to hear your tips!

The Targetstyle team recently asked me a couple questions about their new Cat & Jack line for back to school. Read on!

Which of the latest kids’ back-to-school- clothing trends at Target caught your eye the most, and why?

Three trends that especially caught my eye were distressed details, patches and metallics.  I’m especially a fan of the distressed style which is no secret.  Plus, the kids quickly put holes in their jeans from wear and tear so its one less thing to worry about! Thankfully, the kids were wild about the patches and metallics.
What are some of the top factors you consider when picking out your back-to-school clothing for your kid?
Picking out clothes for back to school season can be overwhelming.  What I look for are clothes that are comfortable and yet stylish so they will happily wear and express their unique personalities. I love the stripe tee with the lightening bolt since it will go with so many outfits. For the sake of my laundry, I appreciate clothing options that mix well with anything in their closet.  I prefer nothing matchy – matchy and how they style themselves can be so entertaining.  When your running out the door, you just have to go with it.   
Walk us through the selects you chose – what inspired you to select those options and how did you choose to style them?
My oldest daughter loves anything with glitter, so the metallic options were perfect for her.  The metallic backpack, star pattern skirt with stripe shirt will be her go-to items throughout the school year.  The second oldest is a bit more difficult.  She likes anything sporty.  Her first select was the brightly colored bomber jacket.  With that we chose more neutral denim with classic velvet sneakers.  Our son was giddy with the super hero choices, and was quickly showing off his high-top wings.  His look was one of my favorites. I mean, what’s not to like about a comic book patch sweatshirt and rocket ship shirt?

Any more questions we missed? Comment below! I’m excited to announce we’re also featured on Target’s blog, answering some questions about the collection and what my kids liked from it.

Read more on the Target blog HERE

striped shirt / star skirt  / bomber jacket/ metallic backpack / patched denim jeans / high tops / boys scuba jacket / rocket ship shirt / all TARGET

2016_07_28_ShaliceNoel10-385-Edit 2016_07_28_ShaliceNoel10-624-Edit Believe it or not, it’s back to school time! I would venture to say that usually this doesn’t mean great excitement or big smiles. But if we’re searching for the silver lining–and we are–then the best part about Back to School is the shopping. Since my littles have uniforms, we have fun finding pieces that suit each child’s personality and style. A big hit with my middle little were these Steve Madden
JSM1 sneakers: purple, covered in glitter, and perfect for climbing and running. Since purple glitter really isn’t my thing, I went with the versatile Steve Madden “Austin” chelsea boot. It is a well-known fact that in shopping, everyone should win. Shop our look from Steve Madden Kids at Dillard’s. 

Thank you Steve Madden for partnering on this post.

2016_07_28_ShaliceNoel10-388-Edit 2016_07_28_ShaliceNoel10-646-Edit 2016_07_28_ShaliceNoel10-588-Edit:: her sneakers “JSM1″ STEVE MADDEN ::

:: my boots “Austin” STEVE MADDEN ::

:: my top TARGET :: jeans AG ::

her top TARGET :: bandana FREE PEOPLE :: jeans PAPER DENIM CLOTH