New Year

5 Workout Faves

by Shalice Noel


sports bra // similar pants // top // similar back pack // his shirt //  tanning towels I’ve been using //


I’ve been getting more to the gym not only because summer is coming but its the much needed endorphins I need! I’m loving the results, been taking a little pre-workout for more energy for the afternoon slump and calm gummies for the evening. As for feeling good at the gym, here are 5 workout pieces I’m loving! These sneakers were just marked down to $67, and this bra top is on sale too! We plan to go back to the cabin after a couple events tomorrow. What are you up to?

Happy Weekend!

BRA TOPS – I’m all about a good bra top to change it up. Here are my faves!

ACTIVE TOPS – I love these worn over a good sports bra

PANTS – I’m all about flattering workout pants! They can go from gym to cafe with the right top and bag.

ACCESSORIES – sometimes the right shoes and the right gym bag is the finishing touch


Want to make a super simple change to your diet without changing your lifestyle and still benefitting? Drink lemon water. I usually drink a whole lemon every morning (first thing in the morning). Thankfully we have a lemon tree in the back and front of our house, so I usually ask the kids to go pick me some! While you can dilute with water, I personally like the taste so I don’t dilute. I think of it as a natural energy boost before I hit the ground running.

The benefits of lemon water

Boosts the immune system

Contains vitamin C and potassium (more than apples and grapes!)

Taking it first thing in the morning allows you to absorb your vitamins

Relieves indegestion

Great weight loss booster (the Polyphenals in lemons may aid in reducing appetite)

The antioxidents in lemon water decreases wrinkles (HALLELUJAH)

Read more about the benefits of lemon water here

In what ways are you making healthy changes in 2018? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

I’m wearing Carbon 38 leggings // Noli bra // Hat Similar

velvet dress // gray coat similar // gray boots similar // sunglasses

2017 was one of growth and change and blessings! I am overwhelmed and grateful my blog took out family to many places this year from Vail to Four Seasons Westlake, to Carlsbad and Legoland to Miami and Mexico. I got to work with some awesome brands and learned a lot. I’m sharing 5 things I’ve learned in 2017 below:

5 Things I learned in 2017

Be Honest

It’s ok to face your weaknesses – facing them is the first step to change. 

Worry is Futile

Find people to help you who have a different skill set than you

Be kind, always!!


What have you learned? I’d love to know!

Don’t forget to shop the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale – it ends tomorrow – my blush heels I always wear are on sale and this top I have in white and bought my mom in black. Sizes are limited.