Oversized blazer MISA LOS ANGELES // Tank // Jeans reviews say get your true size (I wear 26) // Midi bag in white DEMELLIER // Pumps ANN TAYLOR

Larger-than-life blazers have been making waves on runways and among NYC fashionistas lately. I styled my oversized blazer with a $17 tank, nude pump and great sunnies. Are you ready to join the trend? Here are some style tips to get you started. I’m giving two tips to help you look your best in an oversized blazer.

  1. Looking for a defined waist? Cinch your blazer at the waist with a belt.
  2. Want to elongate your legs? Opt for wearing the same color underneath the blazer.
    Are you intrigued by this oversized blazer trend?

Check out some of my favorites below:

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Have you interviewed for a job in the last couple years?  How did that go?  With work from home still a thing, it seems the Virtual Interview is the current trend.  Reid just went through a series of Zoom interviews, so we thought it would be useful to share some interviewing tips and I’ll share what I would wear considering; you are on camera and not in real life.  The interviewing dynamic is much different than in person, so prepare wisely to smash that interview.

Five tips to consider on a Virtual Interview

1)    Whiten your teeth.  The Virtual Interview positive is you don’t have to worry about stinky breath, but make sure you smile often and don’t have your lunch stuck in your teeth.  They should only see your pretty white smile.  Whitening Strips

2)    Apply face tanner water and then apply some serum to make your skin glow and radiant.  The Water by Tan-Luxe

3)    Look the employer in the eyes and do not look into the camera. 

4)    Sit with good posture, chin up and hands in your lap. This is what I believe is the downfall to the virtual interview; you lose the importance of body language. Remember to lean into the camera when something interests you as you would at a conference table. 

5)    Keep a cheat sheet in front of you, to remember names, key messages, or anything else you don’t want to forget in the heat of the moment.  Don’t forget a water bottle as well.  If you are talking a lot and nervous, you will want to prevent dry mouth.

Confidence Boosting Essentials



Five tips on what to wear for a Virtual Interview

1)    Do not wear stripes.  Choose something solid. 

2)    I always recommend a feminine power suit with a flattering neck line and tasteful jewelry.

3)    Wear your hair up to show your jaw and neck line.

4)    Wear your power shoes if it makes you feel better.  If not, wear slippers.

a.     (caution though…Reid wore shorts in the interview and they asked about a drawing against the wall.  He naturally got up to show it to them on the screen and revealed his shorts and slides with socks!!!  It may have worked to his advantage in this situation.  They got a chuckle and put everyone at ease on the call.)

5)    Nude lipstick. You don’t want too bold of a color.

Happy Monday! Today, I’m sharing a great suit!

One of my sweet readers told me she has a new bank job in a big city and needs some outfit inspiration. While the dress code is stiff, the style doesn’t have to be.

Here’s how I style a suit multiple ways with pops of color and accessories to match.

necklace // camisole (only $25, wearing “light beige” size 4) // bag “mini maestra” // trousers // blazer size 4 in light pastel grey // sunglasses // grey pumps similar

After work blazer dresses:

dress // boots // leopard clutch bag

Some weekends are a little haphazard around here. 7 people, countless loads of laundry yet to be folded, chex mix stuck in the carpet, yarn and paper cuttings line the rug underneath the dining room table, will our house ever be clean? While the future looks bleak for the answer to that question, I can do something about it. I did some research about WHAT MAKES A PRODUCTIVE WEEKEND? What is it you think? Writing notes, sticking to a list? Outsourcing? All those things aren’t bad. I was surprised to find, it is a couple little things in succession for good planning. Who wants a productive weekend?? I DO!

  1. Stay off Social Media. Ouch. But truly, scrolling instagram and watching stories is the fastest way to wasting time.
  2. Make a list. Stick to it
  3. Be aware of your productive hours and tackle the hardest tasks during those hours.
  4. Make muffins Sunday night for an easier Monday morning breakfast.
  5. Make a list of do-to’s and projects you need to follow up on for Monday. I can’t say enough about following up!
  6. Grocery shop or order your groceries for Sunday delivery. Decide the meals for the week, and post it on the fridge to be more organized. And also so you’re not tempted to eat out. I usually write down about 4 meals give or take one meal we go out or eat leftovers.
  7. BONUS – Hire an organizer. I have a girl who comes once a week to help me stay organized. She keeps like things together, and can sort my pantry or closet. Invaluable!

Now, it’s your turn, what are your tips for staying productive?



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The fastest way to change up your work wear is to add a couple twists to the classic look, aka your wear-to-work rut. Sound familiar? I too am guilty of finding a favorite that seems to work, like those same black wide-leg pants, and sticking with it over and over because a) it works and b) I’m too busy to change it up. 

2016_06_09_ShaliceNoel3-453-Edit BlackandWhite-7 (1)

However, realization is the first step to changing. I personally am a fan of the classic look; you can never go wrong with well made trousers, right? But to add a little twist, what about knots and a pop of chartreuse? Instead of a white button down, consider it knotted, or instead of the standard black or brown pump, consider chartreuse. If you aren’t yet convinced, all three pieces are under $250 and can be worn multiple time with jeans and shorts! For more outfit inspiration, check out their 10 pieces, 10 outfits.

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logan TROUSER /tie front TOP (0n sale!) I also like THIS / heeled SANDAL (I also like THESE and THESE)



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