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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is HERE starting August 4. Definitely check your card status. One of my tips is, start a wish list now, so you can add your items to cart. Tip #2 Once you add your item to cart, check out as soon as possible. I’ve lost so many items because I was adding to my cart and didn’t check out right away to secure my items on my wish list. Hope that helps. Below are my very selective picks from the sale based on some of your requests. Only my favorites! Look below and let me know if you see anything that you’ll add to your wishlist.

Off to the pool with the kids, see you in the Nordstrom dressing room Tuesday!

Dresses (price reflected on hover)






Accessories – Jewelry

Accessories – Bags

For those asking for pregnancy questions, let me know if you’d like to see some pregnancy friendly outfit options? Also, don’t forget to check out my 10 pregnancy must haves!

As always, my shop page is open 24/7. Happy Monday!

jeans fit TTS // Beatles tee // Chanel cocoon tote bag similar // blazer similar

With 7 people to feed, it’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of 3 ingredient dinners and please note that my kids approve of ALL these meals. Perfect for a Monday or a Sunday night when you have NO IDEA what is for dinner. I know I’ve been there. After 30 revisions, I am finally publishing this. I will also say, this was Reid’s favorite blog post I’ve written in a while. I think because he liked our kitchen transformed into a “test kitchen” for many of these recipes. Feeding your family is a big deal, so researching these recipes and putting together meals has been a labor of love. I’m no food blogger, but these work for me and my hungry family of 7. I have an option with a plus sign by some of the recipes, to make it health(ier). Totally up to you. Take notes, pack up your reusable bags, and head to Trader Joe’s for your next 3 ingredient dinner.





1. Pasta + Pesto + Grilled Chicken

(good source of protein, some greens) + add sautéed spinach and garlic

Cook the pasta per the instructions on the back, add chicken, pesto and avocado oil to mix. serve warm or chilled. Perfect as leftovers too! Reid takes the leftovers to work for lunch. Honestly, there are hardly ever any leftovers.

2. Hashbrowns + Veggie Chili + Shredded Cheese

+ kale chips for extra protein!

This dinner is such a hit at my house, I didn’t even get an “after” picture!

3 steps: arrange hash browns on a 9×13 pan, empty 2 cans of vegetarian chili onto the hash brown layer. and finally sprinkle cheese over this.

Bake 350 degrees for 18-20 minutes depending on your oven.

I get a ton of DM’s about this simple recipe and I kind of chuckle to myself and think, wow, this is such an easy meal, why don’t more people know about it? I make 2 of these for my family of 7.

3. Kale Pizza Crust + Shredded Mozzerella + Marinara Sauce

Arrange the sauce, marinara sauce, cheese and kale (dipped in avocado oil and pink salt) and cook according to the packaging. I bake for 400 degrees for about 18 minutes.


4. Cheese free Onion Soup

Sauté onions with avocado oil until the onions are see through. Add beef broth, (a dash of red wine is optional), and pink himalayan salt. Let it boil than sit. Double what you see here if you have a family of 4 or more. At least 2 beef broth containers and 4 onions, depending on how many you serve. I figure, more soup is always a good thing. My boys beg for soup, and we live in a warm climate, go figure! Don’t forget to serve this with french bread. Delicious! Click here for my onion soup recipe previously published on the blog.

Onions + Beef Broth + French Bread

5. Frozen Chicken fingers or Nuggets + Can of Tomatoes + Jasmine Rice

This is my children’s favorite dish. They even request it for their birthdays! I sautée the onions and garlic in avocado oil, add a large can of tomatoes, pink himalyan salt, and a cube of “not chick’n bouillon.” I heat the chicken nuggets or fingers per the ingredients on the box. If you mix them with the tomatoes, they will get soggy. Serve the chicken beside the bed of rice and tomato mixture.

Sear the frozen turkey burgers in some avocado oil on the stove top, add some pink himalayan salt. (Another option: you can sear the turkey burger with Bragg amino acids. I love this soy sauce flavor, but not all do). Pair the burger with Kale chips, roasted onion (optional) and feta. This is a delicious and a yummy way to get your daily protein and greens.

6. Turkey Burger + Kale + Feta

7. One Pan Salmon + Frozen peas + Frozen carrots

Cook the salmon in 425 degrees and add lemon and salt to the top. I usually cook it for 12-15 min, depending on the size of your salmon. TIP: roast your salmon 4-6min per 1/2 inch thickness of salmon. Salmon is usually done when you can take a fork to it and flake it. When the salmon flakes with a fork, it is done!

Add frozen peas and frozen carrots surrounding the salmon. I love the little to no clean up with this recipe!

Bonus 8. Two Ingredient QUESO DIP: This is not technically a meal, however, it is worth mentioning as its a perfect family snack or game appetizer. I originally saw this on Lisa’s Instagram and knew I had to make it. It serves 4-6, and ready around in about 5 minutes!

Microwave the chili for 2.5 minutes in a microwave friendly bowl. Stir in 1/2 cup of queso cheese and continue until smooth. Enjoy warm with chips!

Note: you can double or make two of most of all of these dishes for larger families of 6+. Please comment with the dish you’re most excited to make. Also, if you have a favorite 3 ingredient dinner that I can add to my repertoire, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Enter “FOODIE FRIDAY” into my blog’s search page for more recipes.

Bon Appetit!

xx Shalice 🙂

Friday Notes

by Shalice Noel

leopard top // sneakers // camisole ($25!) // faux leather leggings // bag

These pink birkenstock like sandals are back in stock!

This is the book we’ve been reading to the kids at night. The stories are so inspirational and encourage great conversation.

Do I use mascara primer, and should you use it too? Yes! Ever since I stopped getting lash extensions, I’ve been using lash boosters, taking biotin and collagen (to grow hair) and trying to get my lashes to look longer. I tell you, it’s hard being a girl sometimes.

I have $100 gift card from Nordstrom, how should I use it? See below some goodies I rounded up from the NSALE. My advice is, stock up on neutral layers that will stand the test of time and many trends. For example, a cute trench coat.

I’ve been making TWIX bars all week, just ask my kids. We ate them till our stomach hurt. GFDF! Now, I can’t wait to make these paleo pancakes. YUM!

My best friend is in Paris, I can’t help but wish I was there with her, booking the next table at the amazing cafe: Les Deux Margots.

I love this jelly peel. It literally makes your dead skin come off!

I’m day 3 using Biotin gummies for hair. So yum. Now, I need to hide them from Reid.

This is the color safe shampoo and conditioner I’ve been loving

Have you tried makeup melt? It’s clean beauty and so good. That’s it for now. The kids have VBS this weekend, yay! As for me, I’ll be running around DTLA beating the heat in a lightweight nursing friendly dress working on a fun project to come. What are you up to?

jumpsuit (I’m wearing a small) // bag in citrus // heels // sunglasses

jumpsuit (I’m wearing a small) // bag in citrus // heels //


The other day we were off to art class, I had dry cleaning to pick up, dinner in question on the countertop, a test to prep my 5th grader for, appointments yet to be confirmed, and all the while, nursing my 6 mos old. Life is FULL my friends. The last thing I need is a complicated outfit. While I most likely will be sporting flats when I’m with the kids, I can at least prepare for a date night in these leg elongating nude heels. I was recently searching online for a good jumpsuit that was 1. nursing friendly and 2. have a wide leg, aka the simplest outfit! This jumpsuit fit the bill on both accounts! Bonus, it is 25% off with code EVENT19. Jump to it!

Happy (almost) Friday!

Top Photography by Tomas Cohen

I’m going to shake the boat a little bit in today’s article. Reid and I will take a ski trip to the mountains over a trip to Disneyland any day. Yes, it’s true! For those diehard Disney goers, feel free to blast me in my comments below…kindly though. But here are my thoughts. Skiing is a great way to be active, learn something new, improve at a sport, challenge ourselves physically, face our fears, encourage each other…I can go on and on. Skiing is good for families.

When we plan our ski vacation we always pick Vail. For us personally, it’s centrally located for Reid’s parents who meet us there. We fly from the west coast and they drive from the midwest. They love the opportunity to see the kids ski and help us by babysitting Levi so I can ski. If you have grandparents who don’t ski, you need to know Vail offers free scenic gondola rides after 3:30, so the grandparents can join the kids on top of the mountain, watch them ski and then grab hot chocolates at Bistro Fourteen.

We flew Southwest Airlines from Burbank to Denver. Southwest is one of the few airlines that has bags fly free and with snow gear, and we knew we’d have a lot of bags. We got into Denver late afternoon and by the time our shuttle picked us up, the sun was down and we missed the scenery. When you book your trip, make sure to get to Denver no later than 1:00 pm. It’s a two-hour drive from Denver to Vail and the sun goes down around 5:00 pm.  

Vail has world-class skiing and attracts people from all over the world. Vail has amazing restaurants like Flame (our favorite) and Standard. Also, the streets are heated, so you don’t really have to slosh around in your boots to explore the town. Where were heated streets when I was a kid? They also have free transportation that will take you from one side of Vail to the other.

We recommend ski lessons for the kids to get reacquainted with their skis and learn mountain etiquette. Secretly, Reid and I wanted to run off together and ski alone while they were in school. We met up with them for lunch and then did some runs with the ski instructor and the kids in the afternoon before I had to run off and feed Levi. You can book ski lessons online or even the day of. They offer private, semi-private or group lessons. With the four kids, we chose a private group lesson. Be aware though, you can’t mix snowboard lessons with ski lessons.

Besides skiing, we also took the kids to Adventure Ridge at the top of the Lionshead Gondola.  Adventure Ridge offers snow biking, an alpine coaster and snow tubing. The kids chose snow tubing so while I stayed home with Levi and ordered room service, Reid took the kids tubing. Very much a highlight for the kids.

The final day we were blessed with lots and lots of snow! We almost got up early enough to make first tracks. It was beautiful skiing with the snow falling and we skied the morning together as a family. With the fresh powder, the kids were able to take on the blue runs with no problems. Even our five year old was taking them on. Can I remind you how cute kids are skiing? Making fresh tracks in the powder was a great way to end our day…even though we didn’t really want it to end.

If you are curious, we stayed at Ritz-Carlton Residences, Vail. Our place had two bedrooms, a spacious living room with a pullout couch, a well stocked kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a powder room and convenient washer/dryer. The hotel staff was friendly and helpful and provides shuttle service anywhere you need to go. I went downstairs to order a quick bite to eat while the older kids were tubing and the staff brought it up shortly to my room. Reid and I loved the gym area. We got to try the new Pelaton bikes. If we were brave enough, I would love to try the hot tub and heated pool. Funny enough, our kids jumped in and quickly begged for warm towels and blankets. Oh to be a kid!

Where we stayed: Collaboration with RITZ CARLTON CLUB VAIL RESIDENCES

Eat Little Diner (breakfast) Mountain Standard (dinner)

Flame (steak dinner)

Outfit details: GG Belt // Camel Coat // Red Print Sweater // Faux Leather Pants //

My Ski Coat // Ski Pants // Levi SnowsuitBoys Moncler

Girls Puffer // Girls puffer// Boys Puffer

What island likes to have a lot of sweets? A deserted island J OK…OK…so we decided to head to the desert right after Christmas, but due to our unexpected trip to the Midwest, we ended up adjusting our dates so we could spend New Year’s Eve at The Miramonte Indian Wells Resort. Indian Wells is in the Coachella Valley (book now for festival season) between Palm Desert and La Quinta.


It’s funny how we left 12-degree temperatures in Omaha on December 29, and we were expecting hot desert temperatures to come home to. Well, we happened to come home to a cold snap and the temps in the desert were 60 degrees and below! We are so wimpy now. Needless to say, always check the weather before you pack. We took a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park and needed our winter clothes! I still grinned and bared it to get some fashion content but wow was I cold! All for the gram!


The Miramonte Indian Wells Resort is super family friendly with Spanish style architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds. Our room was garden level with a citrus garden outside our door. The grounds crew even picked some lemons and oranges for us and brought them to our door. The property also has a rose garden and an area with a life-size Connect Four game and bean bag toss, which the kids really enjoyed. We were disappointed because it was too cold for the pool. Although the kids totally would have gone for it if we had let them. We’ll have to return in the spring. The resort also has a spa and adult only hideaway pool.


Considering the cold temperatures, our favorite amenity was the fire pits scattered throughout the resort. You can even book a smores package and snuggle up together at sunset with melted marshmallow stickiness goodness.


For our hotel room New Year’s Eve bash, we picked up some root beer, sparkling juice, gummy bears, lollipops and popcorn. Whole Foods is a five-minute drive from the hotel. The room was spacious enough for a little dance party as we counted down the New Year. Here’s the nice thing about being on Pacific Standard Time – we celebrate the New Year at New York City time, then we all go to bed early. Does anybody else do this?

Despite the temperature hickup, it was a great trip and we’re definitely looking forward to our next visit!

Here are some other ideas for a trip to the Coachella Valley:



Joshua Tree

Salvation Mountain

Modernism Week

Outfits: kimono – Poska Resortwear // black camisole only $24! // leather pants and similar // white mules // “S” necklace

pink coat // white jeans // white mules // white blouse // leopard clutch //

chunky knit sweater // OTK Boots I’m a 9, and ordered a 40 // leopard Scarf

Click here to book your next trip at Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa

We bought a car!

My teenage dream was to have a suburban and six kids. I’m not sure why I decided this was my family goal, but my vision was set. Ever since we discovered we were pregnant with number 5, we found our beloved 7 passenger SUV to be lacking some much-needed cargo space. After researching, friendly conversation and a little negotiation, Reid and I agreed on a car! Reid will admit he still wants a smaller SUV, but alas, I won. Who can turn down a dream I’ve had since I was 15, let alone a 36-week pregnant woman! We drove home with a silver Yukon XL and I believe we got a pretty good deal on it. Read on.

How did you buy it?

We decided to try Hertz Rent2Buy, which works like this: You reserve the car online, rent it for a couple days and if you decide to buy it, they waive the rental fee. So we reserved a silver Yukon XL, but when we picked up the car, they brought us a gold one instead. We decided to pass on the gold and wait for our first color choice—the silver 2017 GMC YUKON XL. We ended up looking all over the web, craigslist and local dealerships until Reid found a silver one online at Hertz Car Sales in San Diego. We liked how responsive they were and, yes, the price was a big deciding factor—they sell under KBB value. Bonus!

We made a day trip to San Diego to look at the car and ultimately decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. Ironically, once the kids learned the new car rules, like no eating, no crayons, no drinking, they actually decided they liked our old car better. Oh well. It’s my dream. I’m super happy and can’t wait to pack for a long road trip! Big Sur, Omaha, Vail…


I recently went to Evelyn Bobbie for the first time and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before while shopping for a new bra. I was greeted by a friendly staff and a light and airy ambiance. Since the family came along, my kids were offered water and ushered to the back area where they played “look for Lloyd the LEGO” with daddy. On their way out, they cleverly spotted Andes mints in a cute bowl and sneakily over-stuffed their pockets, thinking I wasn’t watching. 

Ha! When they were squared away, Nicole, the manager, showed me to a changing room where I entered my email and name into an iPad and was given an ice cold Pelegríno. From there, I was measured over my bra. Nicole informed me of a couple interesting facts:


  • 70-80% of women are not wearing the right sized bras. 
  • EB fit is found by a professional fitter who uses 6 measurements to find the perfect fit. 
  • A woman should check every 6 months for a new bra fitting. That’s how much our breasts change!

What’s the bra made out of you ask? A mold made from memory foam with a rubber core. 

No wire, just rubber that molds to your shape. 

I must say, it’s an investment, but look at it this way – it’s like your favorite jeans or a white tee. You may own 100, but you wear maybe 5 a year? Invest wisely.

 If you read my blog, you know I love investment buys. So what are you waiting for? Get a free sizing scheduled! 

The Portland-based Evelyn Bobbie pop-up is in Venice till Sept 7, and online 365 days a year, 24/7.

If you’re curious how to buy online, EB has a tool to look up your current size. You start a quiz and they find your match. If it’s somehow off, there’s free shipping, free returns, and 100% guaranteed.

Thank you Evelyn Bobbie for sponsoring this post! 


Learn more about the Venice Pop-up HERE

To those curious as to what I got, I went home with a bra in MICA, and knickers in MICA as well. I liked the color! Click here for your personalized fitting!

As you might have seen on Instagram, we spent last weekend with a quick weekend getaway to Carlsbad, Ca (which is a town on the coast of San Diego). The last time we were in Carlsbad was to visit my brother over 8 years ago, so it was good to get back! As Reid and I looked back at that trip, our oldest was a just couple months old and that’s definitely when the California Dream bug bit us. The beautiful seaside town, manicured streets, friendly people and, of course, the weather all had us dreaming….I wish we could live here. It was all so attractive.

Humorously, I remember nudging Reid to look for a job nearby – a reason to escape Chicago winters. Funny how the events played out. It would be 
8 years later and and now here we are, bringing 4 kids to Carlsbad, for a weekend getaway, from our home in LA.

Yes it was dreamy going back to this place, and yes ,I’m feeling very blessed we got to do so. Honestly, our kids liked Carlsbad better than LA! What’s not to like for kids?! From Legoland, Carlsbad downtown, the Carlsbad Lagoon and stunning bike paths along the coast, it’s a happy and pretty place to be. There was actually more to see and do than we had time for, but we did our very best. We even allowed for one whole day at the pool.

Here is a short list of highlights. Keep in mind, we did all this in a long weekend and so can you!

Omni Hotel and Resort – where we stayed all weekend

Shopping at Omni Hotel and Resort – Lilly Pulitzer, Audrey’s, Livewell, The Spa


Arrive at Omni La Costa – get a tour and get settled in our room

Marketplace at Omni La Costa for a grab-n-go lunch

Legoland This awesome theme park has MANY attractions but our kids favorite was getting their driver’s license, driving a boat and seeing the mini Lego town was their favorites. We were there from 12-5pm!

Campire Restaurant cozy surroundings, family friendly and a modern take on American fare. Try the s’mores over the fire for dessert, yum!


Breakfast at Bistro 65 an omelet with breathtaking golf course views

Watersports at Carlsbad Lagoon

Lunch at kid-friendly open air Pizza Port for yummy pizza, salads and brews.

Pool time at Omni La Costa

Dinner at Park101 Awesomely family friendly, plaza style and something for everyone. We went there for dinner and breakfast. Bonus, if you’re a Husker fan (we got a round of beers on the house) and such yummy pulled pork!


Breakfast at Choice Superfood Bar & Juicery

PEDAGO – rent bikes and ride along the Carlsbad coast!

Lunch at Señor Grubby’s for local craft beers and tacos al pastor. After all that biking, we had a huge appetite!

Shopping downtown – little boutiques like Wysh Boutique where I picked up a cute ivory sweater. I love shopping local.

The Goods Coffee shop (Instagram friendly with all white) and yummy donuts.

Phew! While it was sad to leave Carlsbad, we are grateful for the memories we made! Please ask any questions below.

Check this out too! Kids can enter the Mini Mayor of Carlsbad prize – more info here. The prize is a weekend away package for a family of 4! The kids take over City Hall in this kid-friendly town!

Thank you for Visit Carlsbad for sponsoring our unforgettable weekend 

overalls // similar // heels // top similar // bottles from 1907water

How to Get Your Family to Drink More Water

We’re a fairly healthy family – both my husband and I prioritize exercise, eating well, and spending enough time outside, and it’s something we constantly try to instill in our little ones. I think it’s incredibly important to teach children the value of a healthy body and mind, so we do our best to set that example.


One healthy habit we’re always trying to improve though? Water consumption.  


Especially lately as I’ve been reading endless articles with enough water being the answer to so many ailments and issues. Not only is it helpful for digestion and overall body function, but it helps with energy, skin, mood, pretty much everything. It’s simply hard to feel great when you’re dehydrated.


To get us and the kids on a 8-glass-a-day habit (or bottles in our case), we bought the entire family their own water bottles. This is not only eco-friendly (no more plastic bottles throughout the day), but it makes it kinda fun. We all try to drink a bottle before school, and then I’m working on getting the kids in a habit of filling up during the day. We drink another when they get home from school and so on.


The kids like having their own special water bottle, and making it a game of sorts has gotten them to drink more. I personally try to drink a huge glass or one bottle right when I get out of bed in the morning. It’s helpful to wake the metabolism up and get things moving.


To avoid accidents with the kids at night, we usually cut off the water bottle game by about 6 p.m.


Since focusing more on drinking enough water, I’ve honestly felt a difference already. Especially in my skin and energy levels. The kids are feeling good, too. And such an easy change, right?


Are you a good water drinker? What about your kids? How do you make sure you’re drinking enough?