We have a family confession to make. We are closet house flippers. Those of you who have been with me awhile have probably noticed that we move and or buy a house more often than the average family. I have never really classified us as closet house flippers, but now that I think about it, we may need an intervention!

We started in Bucktown, a trendy little neighborhood in Chicago. Then we moved to Wheaton, a suburb of Chicago. Two years later, it was back to the city! Then we made the big move to Los Angeles. While renting in LA, we bought the Lake Arrowhead A-Frame.  That was our first major renovation/remodel (a process that we kinda fell in love with!). After selling our A-frame, we bought our current home. We absolutely love this house and had intended to stay here long-term. But this past year ended up being so crazy, as everybody knows. Working from home full-time and doing school at home full-time made us realize that we really needed more bedrooms and our super unique house wasn’t as kid-friendly as we had imagined. And as we longed to be within a day’s drive of our extended family, we made the hard decision to sell our beloved home. If only we could pick it up and move it with us! (We are actually making photocopies of the building plans – maybe we will one day rebuild it.) 

With that decided, we went through the stressful journey of selling our home, living in the house while selling, and holding off on purchasing a new home until our sale was more finalized. I’ve got tips and tricks for dealing with all these experiences at the end of the post!  

After we decided to sell, the big question was where to go? We took a quick trip to Tennessee, as it was pretty central to both our families. So many people have been relocating there and the housing market is hot, which we learned the hard way. Everything we liked was either pending or sold. Then my best friend, who had just recently moved herself, called while we were in TN. She said the house next door to them just came on the market.  We looked it up online and liked what we saw. It wasn’t quite where we were expecting to go, but the house checked so many of our boxes. We quickly revised our Nashville trip itinerary and woke up early Sunday morning to drive down to see it. Guess where we drove? North Atlanta! The drive through Georgia was beautiful and we totally got that feeling–it felt like home. The fact that we knew the neighbors was the icing on the cake. So we put in an offer and by the time we landed back in LA, the offer had been accepted. 

The new house is more traditional than we are used to. But we like to think we are purchasing this house with the kids’ quality of life in mind.  Our LA home didn’t really have a yard … really more of a cliff.  So we are trading in the beautiful California lifestyle for the green, wooded pastures of Georgia.  I was technically born in Texas, so I guess I am a southern girl at heart. We are very thankful for our life in California and the wonderful years we had here! We’ll definitely be traveling back often to continue the Shalice Noel line. More to come in the future, but for now, I’m off to pack! 

Tips for Having a House on the Market and Moving: 

  1.  Quick cleans are essential, but declutter first!! Quick cleans are much easier when there is less junk. Keep your counters clean throughout the week in case you have a last minute showing. 
  2. Strategize where you want to go. The easiest way to do this? List what is important to you! Community, Land, Design, Jobs? We are thankful for the North Atlanta area because we wanted land, but also access to a metropolitan area for Reid’s career opportunities. 

We can’t wait to share more of the house, the pool, and this process. Add your questions in the comments and I’ll answer. Thank you for being on the journey with us from Chicago to LA to now Georgia!

Lots of love.



One of my favorite things to do lately although it sounds strange, is be alone. I have so much noise going on around me from emails, to phone alerts, to yes, children screaming, to conference calls, etc, so a coffee break alone is sacred. While I’d like to say I’m menu planning here for the week, I’m not, lately I’ve been catching up on emails and planning some really fun content for you guys in the months to come. Meanwhile, this booties are from the Italian Giusti sisters hailing from the lovely land of Italy called AGL shoes and I’m pretty sure I will wear them dressed up or down and mainly just VERY often because I’m obsessed. Perfect boot for rips and knits. I also included below some great rag & bone jeans (the brand I’m wearing) on sale! Ok, back to my mocha.

Happy Thursday 😉

ruffle sweater // booties // jeans and cropped version // bag by furla

I had the opportunity to drive around Los Angeles in a Mercedes AMG convertible with a driver from Germany and photographer. I won’t lie, it wasn’t my worst job and I spent the day smiling (despite the LA traffic) with my hair blowing in the wind. Our goal was to visit as many LA hotspots as possible in this beautiful ocean blue Mercedes AMG convertible. Who knew LA had so many instagrammable spots? Actually you probably guessed it is FULL of photogenic hotspots, but we only had half a day, so I included 4 below. What are some of your favorites? I’d love to hear.

:: Mercedes AMG C63 in ocean blue ::

white pants SIMILAR :: blue top SIMILAR ::

white off the shoulder top SIMILAR :: cutoffs FRAME :: heels SIMILAR :: black jeans NSF

BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL – 9641 Sunset Blvd, 5 star LA hotel aka “The Pink Palace” is home to bar Nineteen12 and a pool where you are sure to capture a Kodak moment.

RODEO DRIVE – Beverly Hills, start at Sunset Blvd, end at Beverwil Drive, for iconic classics like Fendi and Louis Vuitton buildings.

THE BROAD MUSEUM – 221 South Grand Ave, a must see contemporary art museum.

LACMA – 5905 Wilshire Blvd. We didn’t have time to visit this gem, but I recommend visiting the lights at sunset, amazing!

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Not sure what’s more fun, picking out fruit from your garden or the farmer’s market. Either way, we have been frequenting a couple local farmer’s markets around Los Angeles and have narrowed it down to a couple favorites. What is your favorite? I’d love to know.

Pasadena Farmer’s Market

2925 Sierra Madre

Saturdays (the best yellow nectarines and peaches)

South Pasadena Farmer’s Market

Thursdays (we got yummy turkey jerky)

906 Meridian Ave

Alhambra Market

100 S 2nd Street

Sundays 9-1pm (we got sugar cane!)

Santa Monica Farmer’s Market

155-199 Arizona Ave

Wednesdays (fresh produce occasional live music, we can’t wait to go)

What I’m wearing (see another Farmer’s Market outfit HERE)

Levis Skinny JEANS :: FP ruffle BODYSUIT :: white BLOUSE  sunnies :: CHLOE :: hat NORDSTROM and SIMILAR  :: hat :: NORDSTROM :: photo’s by TASHA


3 Things You Need to Know About the LA FLOWER MARKET

Selection is seasonal. Potted plants are offered year round, so you will always find something from peonies to house plants. I got a huge banana leaf plant for our house that is stunning!

$1 entry

Go early. The early bird gets the best selection. No joke!

Comment with your favorite flower below!

drop earrings ADORNMONDE :: sweater (on sale!) NORDSTROM :: jeans LEVIS:: flats SAM EDELMAN :: sunnies ASOS :: photo’s by TASHA

shirt Sanctuary and here :: pants Who What Wear similar :: glasses Eye Buy Direct : Photo’s by Tasha :: flats Soludos

What are you up to this weekend? We’re packing up the car and heading to our friends Cinco de Mayo party. I see a sun packed day of guac and Corona. Can’t wait. Meanwhile, I’m sharing a couple places we love going to in LA:

Ostrich farm – homemade cinnamon rolls, chic salads, avocado toast, kid friendly, small but chic space. Don’t forget to go early on the weekend.

1525 Sunset Blvd, LA

Scoops – we get requests from the kids to go here weekly as well as their birthdays – at $2.50 a kids scoop, its a hidden LA gem. Not hidden for long.

5105 York Blvd, LA

Paradise Bowls – So yummy we got the smoothies and yummy pitaya bowls. Don’t be surprised if there’s a wait.

919 Manhattan Ave, Manhatten Beach


I won’t lie, stripes are probably my favorite print to style, and probably hands down one of the essentials every girl should own in her closet. That said, you should buy yours wisely. Here, I styled the multi stripe button down, with another stripe layer, go-to light wash Levi’s, and barely there heels to make you look longer and leaner, to balance those oh-so-essential prints. Just in time for the weekend. Speaking of, I will be in full birthday mom-mode, celebrating both my boy’s birthdays, 4 yrs, and 6 yrs. Where did my babies go? In the meantime, go see my fave stripe picks for #Nationalstripeday below.

Happy Friday!

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baseball cap NYC CUBS :: stripe bottom down RAILS :: stripe tunic :: jeans LEVIS (tts – don’t size down) :: heels :: Photo’s by Tasha 

Here I didn’t know @arcreid was behind the lens. I kinda love the real life un-posed glimpses. 







LACMA  Greenery, great art, sculpture and if your kids aren’t into 18th century Nöel Hallé oil on canvas, square sculptures that are the perfect backdrop for Christmas pictures. Gorgeous. Located: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, 

WINSOME Awesome food in a very laid-back, kid-friendly environment. The friendly receptionist handed each of my four kids a pipe cleaner (in their favorite color) and then took us to the outdoor seating. I enjoyed my duck egg toast amidst lovely olive bushes and indigo pillows, and nobody cared about my chattering kiddos. Between the fact that my kids cleaned their plates, the brilliant and hard-working pipe cleaners, and the ambiance, Winsome is a score in my book. Don’t pass this one up. Located: 1115 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.

DINOSAUR COFFEE  The indoor/outdoor seating was convenient, and the staff was friendly despite our 6 year old touching the sea salt brownies (which turned into a great reason to add it to our purchases). Also noted, great white space for that still life instagram in case you’re into that sort of thing. The almond milk latte was nutty and rich, and when we left, we could see the HOLLYWOOD sign on the horizon. So LA. Located: 4334 W Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles.

LACY PARK 30 acres of park that is bike, kid and dog friendly. We can’t get enough of this park. It’s free during the week, and its $4 for non- residents on the weekends. It’s our kids’ favorite so far. Located: 1485 W. Virginia Rd, San Marino.

MANHATTAN BEACH This is our favorite beach! Don’t forget the aquarium at the end of the pier with sea creatures and a touch pool. When you’ve had your beach fill, there’s plenty of restaurants, ice cream shops (coffee ice cream at Manhattan Beach Creamery!) and coffee hangs to walk to afterwards. Located: 400-500 The Strand, Manhattan Beach.


Cali locals, what are some of your favorites? I’m all ears . . .